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Turkey neck!

Turkey neck!

This turkey neck i have really pulls back on the lentgh i know i can get from my unit. What can i do to get rid of that skin that is the turkey neck???

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Turkey neck is the name PEers give to loose skin between the scrotum and shaft of the penis. It develops after a time from doing PE exercises. Loose skin usually doesn’t “pull back on the length.” It normally has no affect on gains or length, it just looks funny. Sorry to say, there is no cure for turkey neck. Someone just starting out in PE may have some loose skin there, but I’m not sure that’s what you’re talking about.

I always wondered about the ‘turkey-neck’ I have often wondered as the penis grows and lengthens does the turkey neck grow along with it and does that mean you get some turkey neck inside the girl…see i think about this crap way too much.

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The turkey neck as WestLA said is extra skin that’s been stretched (I believe I got mine from jelqing). I have a decent amount and personally I have no complaints about it besides sometimes getting caught in the bib hanger (ouch!).

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It’s not extra skin! It’s the lack of extra skin that’s causing the turkey neck effect. You must get the skin on the underside of your penis to grow to prevent it. Stretching it specifically is the only way to accomplish this.

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