Vac extender routine

Ok ill be using mt vac extender from tomorrow, Iv had it a week I think but have only been able to have a quick go because I had a wee cut on my cock from the birds rough hand job and hanging and stretching was to soar :(

Anyway I work until midnight and hang when I get home. The birds in bed so it’s easier because I can sit and watch stuff on my computer without her moaning that I’m not spending time with her!

Anyway to the point, I have a 3 of hours in the day free(most days) before work so I’m going to use it to stretch. I’m not sure how long to use it at one time and should I concentrate on 1 angle, down/up/out or all of them?

Could someone give me an idea of how long they use there’s? Sets/time/angles and so on please?