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$20 Divocup Single Cups

I’ve only been wearing it for a few hours now and already have had it slip off while physically active TWICE, which is frusterating. I’m big enough for it to stay on while chubbed or relaxed but the minute I get stressed and my penis retracts it starts to slip. Beyond that issue the only uncomfortable thing about it is that it itched just a little bit but not real bad. I will try using a condom with it and see how it feels.

I’m interested in this as well. In the name of science, please take note of any anti-turtling benefits! lol.

How your penis can transpire? I can’t see what such a device could accomplish either. An ADS would work way better.

UM1991-So far I have noticed that the head feels more engorged while wearing the cup and my flacid hangs bigger. The minor issues that I have found so far are probably related to stress as the first time it fell off I had to pee like mother, and the second time I was carrying 60-70lbs of groceries home in the heat. I am certain any turteling issues can be resolved with a comfortable all day cock ring or some other rig.

Marinera-I’m actually not wearing the cup for any length gains. My plan is to see how it works to keep me from shriveling during physical stress in the gym and empotional stress from college work. The last time I got serious about pe I managed to gain a quarter inch in girth all around, only to have it taken away from me due to atrophy when I couldn’t find time or privacy to pe and was working out like a beast. Hopefully this will change things.

Would have been nice to have something preventing the gym turtling I must admit+ it’s freagin cold up here.

Officially reporting in on my first day of using the divo cup. There were some problems with having to adjust the damn thing every hour or so, which requires a bathroom break. I can adjust it with just my index finger but the audible queef from my shaft would draw attention. Then at around 5hrs of use from 9 AM to 2 or 3 PM it just slipped off and nothing I could do would make it stay on again, Btw I was wearing a snipping of a masturbation sleeve to help it form a suction in case it started to slip. At that time I had to check myself in the mirror and as advertised my flacid was larger, head was impressive, and blood flow had increased better than ever.

The only thing I would advise guys here that are interested in this product is to slowly increase time wearing it by an hour every few days. Believe me, It’s enough pressue to wear even me out so take it easy. I have thought about making one minor improvement which would be installing a depression relief check valve so you could readjust without having to disrobe, but this would require a whole set of tools I do not possess (tap and die, drill, workbench).

My final judgement: Good pe investment. Not a requirement by any means, but worth the money if you’re willing to give it a go.

Thanks for the quick reporting. Let us know how it works after a week or a month.

Ps the guy of divocup is a truly “PE-stuntman”. Did you have seen what he has done with chemical PE? What do you think about?

He has been injecting some gnarly stuff for quite a while it seems like. And he has a pretty impressive looking dick also.

Ronnie is a big time pe juicer so it goes without questioning he will hang bigger. I would rather not risk infections in my penis by injection if at all possible.

Sparxyx- it’s order form is half way down he page on the right.

Today’s observation:

I can’t say I even have the right size cup anymore after losing some girth due to negative PIs, it just slips off. Normally my mid flaccid girth is 5’ but lately everything has slimmed own. Most likely this is just due to stress and hardcore low cab vegan dieting, don’t scrutanize I’m still tweaking for effectiveness. I have noticed though, that whenever I would feel it start to slip and check on the situation discreetly, every single time my penis felt warm and clamy almost like wearing surgical gloves too long. So the problem is alwas the same and the solution is clear. I need to find and install a check valve with a manual plunger for removal (air go out but no go in). The search is still on in my free time for a plactic valve that will hold up to the daily gind.

For what it’s worth, I did a ton of injections and never got any problems, besides boners that lasted WAY WAY too long because it was quadmix and not caverject. I gained some girth but zero length, kind of thought it would be the other way around.

Have you tried using the Divocup while you sleep? I thought it might best be used while sleeping only.

When I got the cash I think I will order the whole set as he recommended, just to be on the safe side of things.


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