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Advantages of Girth and Length routines Worked Simultaneously

Advantages of Girth and Length routines Worked Simultaneously

Bear with me, guys. This thread is a little long, but I think it is pertinent. There has been a lot of speculation here at Thunder’s as well at MOS and PE Forum as to the disadvantages of working girth before length. The general consciences at all three sites are the same, that it is best to work length first. Bib has expressed some excellent thoughts on this matter, as well as other vets. I do not dispute their good advice. Common sense alone tells us that it would seem logical that a thick penis would be harder to stretch than a thin one. Yet, even though we all tend to agree on this, or at least most of us, still a lot of us continue to do girth work before or along with our length routines. Why do we do this?

For those men that have suffered the agony of living life with a small penis, or at least the perception of having a small penis, (which IS most of us) once we have made the realization that PE is in fact possible, we want to do anything and everything as quickly as possible to make up for lost time. PE is a very slow process and it stands to reason that if it takes two or three years to see any real length gains, and if one is to hold off on all serious girth work until our length goals have been met, we are talking a significant amount of time to invest in an endeavor that is very new and unexplored. No one knows the long term effects PE might have, especially if these more aggressive methods are rushed, yet it seems to me that most of us are willing to risk it, and very few want to wait two or three years to get started with girth, at least I don’t. Even at the cost of defeating all logic, for most of us it seems more reasonable, practical and time efficient to instead work both length and girth together, and from what I’ve read, most of us do.

I’m one of those who would prefer that PE never went Main Stream, but I have a feeling it is inevitable and if this new field of self improvement is to be exploited, I would only hope that it be done in an ethical and scientific manner rather than being showcased by snake oil peddlers. For years it has been perfectly acceptable for women to discuss breast enlargement in the media. I’ve yet to see anyone plugging any books on Opra for Penis enlargement. But that day will come. For the last couple of years I have been compiling notes and gathering information for a book I intend to write on PE. In my research I’ve spoken with a lot of men and women on the matter of size and it seems to me that in a general sense, women prefer girth. From what I understand most of the super sensitive parts of the vagina are in the shallower regions, around the labia and clitoris and no more than a few inches into the vagina to the elusive G spot. The deeper abyss the notorious CDS and beyond the cervix has much less sensitivity to us divers. There is no doubt that a long penis gets the job done with less work on the man’s part, and nothing looks better than a man who is well hung, yet most of the women I’ve spoken with, including the one I live with now tend to relish the need to be filled up and stretched wide.

I really think that length is more of a guy thing. It is a terrific visual turn on for both men and women to see a really long dick, but for some of us, especially for me, the long is much harder to achieve than the thick. So I’ve decided, in spite of the wisdom offered by our elders, to work both length and girth together. I’ve also decided to use the most advanced and aggressive, (within reason) routines I can to make both length and girth gains happen simultaneously. This is probably not good general advice for most, especially newbies. So use your own good judgement. Listen to the vets and follow their advice. Be patient and do as THEY say and not as I do. I will be the forum’s guinea pig for doing Girth and Length at the same time. Then if my gains continue and if my dick doesn’t fall off or explode, then you guys can follow suit.

We all have different PE goals in mind and there are no two dicks the same. What works and is right for one man might not necessarily be right for another. Sure we all want a big dick. We want it long and mean. We want it fat veined and angry. Guys who start out below average would give anything to just be average. Guys who start out big, want to be even bigger. Like the anorexic who is a walking skeleton yet sees themselves as fat, or the over zealous weight lifter who rips his muscles apart with steroids until he looks like the Incredible Hulk and still wants more mass. The average Peer is scarcely satisfied. But if one is to be obsessed with something I can think of no other area of self improvement that lifts a man’s self image more than successful PE.

I just want to say a few words about ULIs BETWEEN HANGING SETS then I’ll get off my soapbox.
I can’t begin to tell you all how much this routine has helped my girth and flaccid hang. I’m not seeing any significant erect length gains other than the initial 1” to 1-1/18th” I gained after the first eight months, but this routine is really making my dick fat and heavy, and when a dick is heavy it hangs rather than retracts, or at least mine does and after half of a century of living with a penis that wanted to hide inside my body most of the time, having it hang down thick and full like this has given me a new lease on life and I think it is the combination of hanging and Ulis that have mostly brought this about. Also all the edging, kegals and jelqing has completely eliminated my ED. I have a prescription for both Cialis and Viagra, but take neither for sex. I hoard the pills and use them only for PE. I do take a lot of NOX2 which I feel is also helping with erections and hang, not to mention more power in bed.

As Bib has taught us from his own experience in hanging, it is best to completely drain the glands of blood before lowering the weight. I agree with this completely. It is safer and more comfortable to do it this way. However, because we’ve squeezed all the blood from the head before attaching the hanger the tissues in the glands become blood-starved over the duration of the twenty-minute hang. By the end of the set the glands are literally crying out for oxygen. After the twenty minutes of 02 depravation, I remove the hanger, but not the wrap. I clamp a cable clamp over the Theraban and hand pump and kegal in blood then push is toward the base and click it down as tight as possible, the fatter the engorgement the better. Keep tightening and kegaling in blood till the head is shinny. You may have to loosen the clamp for a better bight but the thickness of the wrap makes the fit tight enough to do this easily. The Thera also keeps the clamp from pinching the skin. The benefits here are twofold: one, you expanding tissue in the glands and CC from the trapped engorgement, and secondly, by keeping it clamped off for the 10 minute rest period in between sets you are force-feeding the oxygen-starved tissue with fresh blood. Bib suggests REST during this time. Jelq, massage and rest. He’s probably right here. He does have a 10-1/2” dick that still works. It’s true that by doing these UlIs the tissue is still under great stress and not resting. However, what you ARE doing is nourishing the cells with what they need to recover most, fresh oxygenated blood. After the ten-minute ULI release the clamp and squeeze with a hard Horse 440 to squeeze out all that stale blood before reattaching the hanger. Bib says the Uli can be clamped for ten minutes, and for me this is exactly no more or no less the exact time it takes before some stinging is experienced. Every man is probably different here, depending on how conditioned you are. If it hurts take it off. My gut instinct on this is once you start to feel discomfort (stinging) the oxygen within the blood trapped in the glands is spent and should be released. Squeeze it all out with a hard Horse and reattach your hanger for the next set. In Bib’s history he also says it was not necessary for him to do bends during the duration of the Uli, that just wearing the ULI Thing was enough, but use your own judgment on that. I do easy bends for about the last two or three minutes before release.

I’m also doing a lot of other things, everything actually. If you want you can check out my personal routine it is posted in Hangers forum Big Girtha’s routine for girth and flaccid hang That thread started out as an answer to several members that had PMed me asking for my girth routine. Melvin UK e-mailed me suggesting I should rename the thread so others might see it. I was reluctant to do so because I felt my routine was dangerous and it probably is. But when a mod suggested the same thing I agreed. The thread did get a lot of views though few comments I think because it reads more like a private message. If you go there you might want to skip down past the PM stuff to the actual routine.

I have some pretty good before and after pics on Hi 8 video, but can’t figure out how to get them on my hard drive or I would post them here. It wasn’t until the other day when I looked back at some of that early footage where my dick retracted so deeply into the fat it was barely visible that it truly dawned on me just how far I’ve come. I can’t say for sure that this Uli/hang bit is what has given me these gains but it is my gut feeling that it has been one of, if not the major contributing factor. I apologize for this long-winded thread. I know I’ve said nothing new here, that is, nothing that hasn’t been said and tried before, but if any of this helps even one man to never have to look like I look in those early videos, then it was well worth the time it took to write. This forum has changed my life.

Thanks guys

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Way to go Big Girtha,

Excellent, excellent post!

>The general consciences at all three sites are the same, that it is best to work length first.<

Is that the concencus? Its not one I agree with. It looks like the similar threads thingy has picked up on that though.


I find that I have had best length gains when I do “some” girth work. It’s as if the girth work helps to “soften” the tissues to allow more length.

What do you think?

Sounds reasonable to me Andrew. The way I’d put it is that our penises react to force by gaining strength one way we can help to reduce the strength is by requiring the penis to deal with force in various directions. Its the old Spanish Inquisition thing.

Of course I could be talking bollocks, I normally am.

Wow, great post. Very interesting and thorough, exactly the kind of post I like to read. :)
I’m no hanger myself so I can’t comment on that stuff but you bring up some real good points on penis size and self perception a lot of us here at Thunders probably ought to consider more often (I know I do anyways).

I’m going to think about this for a while now, then I’m going to read this post again, at least the five first paragraphs which are the most important to me to consider.

Later y’all…

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I’d say do one or the other at any one time.

I think doing both girth and length work in the same session is asking for trouble - especially with the more extreme exercises for both.

I was doing exactly this a year or so ago and after just a few workouts I blew out a vein which took about six months to heal, although I think it thrombosed and then was re-absorbed into my body. ie - I don’t have that vein anymore.

Although other veins take over the work of the one which was lost, there is a finite number of times you can do this before you run out of veins.

Don’t want to poop the party and all, but I’m just saying be careful.

See Ya,


>>>I find that I have had best length gains when I do “some” girth work. It’s as if the girth work helps to “soften” the tissues to allow more length.
What do you think?

I agree with Andrew69. I notice length gains that I think are attributable to jelquing. It plumps up the entire penis.

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