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Gain on girth is more diffcult than gain on length??

Gain on girth is more diffcult than gain on length??

From the PE data of members in Thunder’s, I found there are a lot of guys got a longer penis after PE. However, girth gain is quit fewer. Gain on girth is more difficult than gain on length??
Can anyone tell me Is that correct from experience?
(Or anyone who had the experience length gain & girth even thinner?)

Of course, girth gain doesn’t have to be the same percentage as length gain’s. If one got 20% gain in length, the volume gain would be 20%; if one got 20% gain in girth, the volume gain would be 44% (1.2X1.2=1.44). It seems reasonable need more time.

I’m a newbe in PE and I need girth gain prior than length’s(especially the glans’ size). After I read the instructions/ suggestions here, it seems I should use jelq mainly to gain girth. Is that correct?

Any opinion is welcome.

Gax, if you have done your homework,seems like you have, and searched this board just about everyone here started out with a jelq routine along with the elements of manual stretching and heat compresses to warm up and warm down. The jelq is the key exercise in the beginning as it conditions the penis to allow you to add more advanced tecniques as it adapts. What a lot of guys do including myself is combine pumping and jelqing together in a routine which is great for girth gains whether you are just starting out or adding it later. Take a look over at the pumper’s forum on this board and check out Avocet8’s pumping 101 thread right at the top of the 1st page and the other threads in that forum to gain a better insight of what pumping’s all about,I think you will like it.

Thank you, b1nzen48.
I did read these instructions like:
Classic Site - Tom Hubbard
The author seems doesn’t suggest pumping a lot, “Much effort, little if any permanent result.”
I didn’t pay a lot attention about pumping. I havn’t noticed “pumping + jelq”. (I should take more time to read the old posts.)

Did anyone gain 35%~50% in erect-girth?
I need your experience.

I haven’t gained that much girth in the seven months I’ve been PEing. Maybe a quarter of an inch. But since I started using squeeze type exercises, I think that’s all going to change. After only a week of incorporating them into my routine, my flaccid girth has gone up, but I will wait at least a month of doing them before I take any measurement, erect or not. Measuring your dick often is like weighing yourself often when you’re trying to lose weight. You’ll drive yourself crazy.

Try this,… Take another look in the pumpers forum and note names of the pumpers, then go to Size’s pe data site(just click on at the bottom of the page) and you will find progress stats listed for various members including generalized routines, overall health,etc. Take a look at Avocet 8’s, He’s gained 2.375”in length using pumping/manual techniques. Also, on page 7 of the pumpers forum there is a thread that discusses the synergystic possibilities of combining such exercises by Merlin. Just keep looking at other members routines and ideas and techniques and don’t be afraid to experiment with different things,… it’s the only you will find out what is going to work for you. Hope this helps Gax. As for me I have only been seriously pumping for a few weeks, so it is still going to take a bit more time to see permanent gains although I don’t think it will be as long as doing just manual exercises. I mainly use pumping as a supplement to my regular routine to help further produce micro tears in the tissue and help my penis to recover in an expanded state. After all, the theory is if you open up the gaps between tissue fibres,it allows more room for cells to rebuild that much more tissue. However, you need to combine both principles of exercise to reap the maximum benefits. Manual exercise to break down tissue and produce micro tears, pumping to further expand the tears for healing between workouts.

Good advice, B1nzen48

A Pump/Manual routine worked wonders for me.

I admit I haven’t been around much lately due to work but I can tell you that a good routine of what I used to call “Pump ‘N’ Jelq” gave me great gains in a very short time. I also took some herbal supps to aid the entire process. But back to the girth issue….


try “The Squeeze” technique. It’s a girth exercise that solely concentrates on girth gains. You’ll find it here somewhere posted on the board I’m sure. Good luck.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Some exercises focus on girth more than length. I’d guess that what’s happening is that length is both easier to gain, and easier for most PEer’s to see. Thus, it’s more psychologically rewarding to pursue, and people end up focussing on the exercises that work length over those that work girth, conciously or otherwise.

There are folks here who list good girth gains. The classic girth exercise was Ulis, which are a sort of modified jelq. More recently, erect bends are getting some attention. These are considered by many to be not a technique for beginners. There’s more risk of injury from these than many of the other tried and true techniques. Still, the folks who do them are reporting good gains. DLD has his own variant of them that seems to work well, also. A search on relevant keywords should bring up those posts.

Also, some have observed that girth gains seem to contradict length gains - there’s even a few reported cases of extreme girth gains being offset by a small loss of length. (Overall, it was still growth, if you think in terms of true volume.) This fits with my own minor experimentation in this area. Adding ulis into my own workout seemed to work girth well, without touching length. Still, the jury is out on this point.

I’ve been reading and lurking for quite some time now. After all that reading it seems like if you can match the routine with your penis makeup, then you stand to gain a lot. Girth has always seemed to be harder to gain than length, and most say that you have to work harder for girth than length. Oh yeah, and clamping seems to be a staple of most big girth gainers here as well.

For the majority, gaining girth is always harder than gaining length. Unfortunately.

Here are the girth exercises:

Girth Routines

But be careful with them as a newbie. You are warned!

04.27.2009: 6 x 4.5 (BP)

12.01.2009: 7.5 x 5 (BP)

Did I mention they are flaccid measurments?...Kidding! :p

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