Advice needed on routine

Hey guys,
I’ve been doing PE for around 8 months, 6 of those were kind of on and off. I finally started clamping a month ago. Girth gains are good, but length came to a bit of a halt. I heard this can happen when you do girth work.
My current routine is like this: 2 days on 1 day off, 10 minute stretches (5-directions), 4x10 clamping sets, with 5 minute jelqing in-between each set.
My first question is, what do you guys think of this routine? Too much, not enough?
Second question: I would like to add a few 10 min stretches during the day, to help with length gains. Is this a good idea? Will it hinder my girth gains? If it’s a good idea, how many should I do, with how much rest between them?

I hope I don’t ask too much at once :D Thanks in advance for the replies.