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Need advice on light length routine; use AdderallCialis

Need advice on light length routine; use AdderallCialis

Hey guys. I’ve been absent from PE for a while. Back and ready to start a LIGHT routine, going for length. I just needed some advice on how I should approach this. I take Adderall about 2 times a week (major shrinkage). I also have Cialis/Levitra, so I think this will enhance my PE endeavors. Only thing is, I can’t have both in my system in the same time (headaches). Anyways, I like to do my routine in the gym showers, after I workout (private showers). So I can keep the hot water constantly flowing on my dick. Something about 50 jelqs and some light stretching sounds good. Any advice is appreciated. -Invictus

Originally Posted by invictus
I take Adderall about 2 times a week (major shrinkage).

Wait. Adderall causes shrinkage? #:-o

I happen to take Vyvanse 70mg every day and some days take 1-2x 20mg Adderall.

Wonder if this might be why I’m not so randy now..

Yeah adderall causes major shrinkage. I took some last semester to help me study for finals and everytime I went to the bathroom I was like “holy fuck where did my dick go!”

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I just started taking Adderall again and have noticed the same problem. Will an anti-turtling sleeve help? Or maybe some sort of traction device? Because from what I have read, you never want to allow your penis to shrink or turtle into your body during PE.

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