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After years of PE'ing girth to length gains are 90 / 10.

After years of PE'ing girth to length gains are 90 / 10.

If you think about the amount of pressure and tension you put on an oblong object to make it grow, then girth will be the main gain.

I have been screwing around with my dick for over 10 years. I know you can make it bigger. But if you make it bigger, the inside is almost like a balloon, so wouldn’t it get thicker faster than longer?

1. I think some guys never screwed around as kid with there dick (as much as i did). So the ligaments may have adhesion’s or never really been stretched.
2. I was bone skinny as a kid and never had a “fat pad”.
3. Black guys (no fat pad) either have a lower attachment point or looser ligaments. They literally look bigger hanging than up. Not sure they can get up at far as some other races. I know my dick hangs way better now just before fully erect can look much bigger at that point than a dick pointing straight up. My ligs are much looser.
4. So to contradiction my point of the title, unless you never screwed around with your dick, were fat as child or now, I would say that length gains are really hard to come by. The penis is one organ, to make it bigger means that width would naturally be more effected than length.
5. I started at 8x6. I could make this claim. But after years of PE’ing, I would say that I am still about 8.5 or so and 6. But I am way bigger than originally. I always cheated when I measure length and my girth was only measured at the base. I would say I was more like 7.5 in length and my base was really 6” but my girth just behind the head was like 4.5”.
6. Now I would say I am 7” at the base, 6.25” midsection and 6 behind the head. But really 8 3/8 in length. It is really big, but length gains are very difficult, unless you never stretched at all. In propotion to volume and real size, length gains are fleeting


To agree with my own post, I think ligaments never really been stretch is a reason for newbie gains. Then the gains taper off.

Girth is definitely king when it comes to overall size and volume, but not sure if I understand everything else that your saying. Especially the fat pad being a factor of the elasticity of someone’s unit, or the black race having a lower hang due to looser ligaments.

But this is why I’m concentrating on girth myself, it is the most important i think personally.

Start- Nov 2017 BPEL-7.2 NBPEL-6.75 MEG-4.75

Updated- BPEL-7.75 NBPEL-7.2 MEG-5

*GOAL- BPEL-8 NBPEL-7.5 MEG-5.5* My journey —>New Guy In Town Progress Report

Originally Posted by Makehergocrazy
Girth is definitely king when it comes to overall size and volume…………

So true. Now that my EQ is much better I’ve realized that i’m just under 7 inches EL, but since my penis is skinny(~4.5) it’s not that impressive. I promised myself I’d hit girth once I reached my length goal, but I keep moving the goal post. I remember when I only wanted to be 6 inches, once I hit that I “needed” to be 7 inches. Now that I’m a hair below 7 inches, i definitely want at least 7.5in.

I have invested in a high quality pump and I’m sure i’ll get around to it.

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