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All day cockring - does it work?

All day cockring - does it work?


I have some silicon sleeves from Monkeybar if I recall his name correctly, that I’ve used to create myself some cock rings in various strengths. The lightest one can certainly be used all day long and even used while taking a leak. The tighter ones in shorter durations.

My approach now is to simply slip on the tightest one after a jelqing/pumping session. If my EQ is good, I will try to get aroused and jelq a little when taking a leak and then put it back on.

On other days where I find myself not able to workout or prior to a session, I’ll try to work up a plump penis, do some jelqing and put it on.

Any experiences here? I know there are some threads on this already, but they’re old and long, so maybe we could get some new light on this. I recall one member who seemed to get poor EQ from this.

For me, it does not seem to hurt EQ in any way. On the other hand, I can’t say if it helps gains either. But I figure it can’t hurt.

Thanks in advance!


I would say that staying bigger for longer period of time may work.

Warning. Do not take a piss through any cockrings. You can get a nasty urinary tract infection.

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