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Are cemented gains every really cemented?

Are cemented gains every really cemented?

Suppose that for some reason or another, one of us where to (after making progress) stop doing PE. Would we retain our gains or revert back to our former dimensions? If it is the former, what’s a good maintanence program?

I really don’t know if they are ever truly cemented. I lost gains after several months that I would have thought should have been cemented. I went and did the newbie routine and the gains came back fairly quickly (in PE terms, ie weeks now months or years). I went on to do a light stretching routine 4 times a week and jelq twice a week and the gains are still more or less there. So I presume for me that this is a good maintenance routine. (I am now going for the 8, so back onto the newbie for me to get back to proper conditioning).

It seems to me that keeping a routine that promotes good penile health will probably be enough. Just check your statistics and PI’s and if they are not positive then change it around until they are good. It’s probably an individual by individual thing. I doubt you would lose all gains if you did nothing. But why lose anything. Just ramp down your current regime to a lesser one gradually and see how things go.

I won’t bother with cementing, once I reach my goal I’ll keep doing maintenance routine for indefinite period of time. It would be a shame to stop doing jelqs seeing how good they are for EQ.

You wouldn’t lose all your gains but with out doing some PE you would most likely slowly lose some of your gains. A non cemented gain is one that would disappear quick.

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I think part of it is just making your PEing part of your routine. If it’s something you have to force into a day then it’s not going to be something you look forward to doing. If it’s not a burden then you won’t have a problem doing it for as long as it takes.

Originally Posted by otis bruno

I think part of it is just making your PEing part of your routine. If it’s something you have to force into a day then it’s not going to be something you look forward to doing. If it’s not a burden then you won’t have a problem doing it for as long as it takes.

Exactly this type of thinking is making it easy for me to keep going. I often even look forward to PE because of all the benefits that I’ve gained and will gain.

From what I have read on these forums, it varies from person to person…you have plenty of reports of people losing their gains after taking a hiatus from PE but I also remember one member that was going through problems with his wife due to his size but after taking a long time off, he still retained his size. Even if you do lose some gains, they will come back easily.

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And there are some cases of people making small gains during a short break and then having great results when they return to PE.

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For maintenance, I’ve been doing 100 dry jelqs M,W,F for quite some time.

A percentage of your gains will never be cemented so to keep them you will always need to perform some form of pe however, this can be quite a small amount done over 3 or 4 days per week in the space of about 20 minutes and you will be doing enough to maintain your gains, maybe even create a bit more growth along the way.

The thing to be careful of is going cold turkey from pe for an extended period, this almost always results in a large percentage of your gains being lost. I know this from experience.

I took 2-3 months off completely and went from 8.6” bpel down to 7.5” bpel (approx) and 5 months on I have still yet to gain all that lost size back, I’m currently at 8.1” bpel x 6.125” meg with my pre-pe starting size at 7.2” x 5.9” meg approx.

So never go cold turkey, always do some form of pe but try to enjoy it and keep it consistent and you’ll be just fine. You can cycle your intensity if it suits you but always try to fit pe in a couple times per week. Your penis will thank you for it and your ability to perform and maintain rock solid erections will be second to none (as long as you’re eating right)

It’s a win-win situation really.

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Kooljohn, that’s great advice, thank you. PE is pretty addicting and fun as of now (and I hope it stays that way!), but I’ll remember to never go cold turkey.

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