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Baby oil alternative for jelqing


Baby oil alternative for jelqing

Hi baby oil is irritating a slight rash I’ve got on my shaft, what alternatives can I use with similar longevity?

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I used baby oil when I first started pe and freaking hated the stuff. The grit and the smell were too much. Spend a little extra and either get Bio-oil from wallgreens/target or use coconut oil. Really any large molecule vegetable oil will do but those are just some of my standbys.Don’t go with Vaseline, lotion, or water&glycerine lubes unless you love stopping and applying more water every few jelqs.

Thanks dude as it happens i’ve got bio-oil coming in the post.

Yeah baby oil just dries it out.

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I use and love extra virgin olive oil for the jelqing itself. After doing my cool down and showering up I apply Cocoa/Shea butter to soften the skin.

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Albolene is

- the ultimate jack-off/edging lube
- the ultimate jelquing lube
- the ultimate foreplay lube

I first learned about it from a “sex manual” called ESO: How You and Your Lover Can Give Each Other Hours of Extended Sexual Orgasm. by
Dr. Alan P. Brauer, Donna J. Brauer.

Since the book is about “extended” it is the perfect lube for the exercises in that book.

Very smooth and silky, warms up quickly. Feels amazing. You do not need to reapply. You can vary the amount of jelqing resistance by the amount you put on. So that you could do “semi-dry” jelqs if you wanted (hard to do with baby oil or bio-oil”

If you put too much on wipe some off it with a towel.

It is sold in drug-stores as a moisturizer and makeup remover (there is no detergent in it) so it is designed to be left on the face to keep “young looking skin”. (I tell my wife this is why my dick still looks 18 years old)

A jar of it will last forever.

Great for foreplay, will drive your partner crazy with sensation.

Looks like this:

I think you can get this in the UK.

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Albolene may not always be “the ultimate” for these reasons, though. It’s made out of petroleum- based products petrolatum, mineral oil, ceresin, and paraffin, so (a) it’s not exactly the most ‘organic’ solution, and (b) being petroleum-based, it’s lethal to latex condoms. If you’re using Albolene for foreplay, keep this in mind.

In theory, for that same reason, it may not be the most compatible lube for pumping, as it may not be good for the seals in your pump. Whether the minute amounts that make it to the seals actually makes a difference is anyone’s guess, but it’s a factor to consider.

If you’re trying to get away from baby oil, it’s probably no worse than baby oil in those respects.

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Well I didn’t recommend it for pumping or condoms or toys. Those would require water based lubes. (while I know some pump with oil based lubes, I would never recommend that)

But a good reminder for those that don’t know that.

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Thanks all. Yeah this shaving rash shit is annoying me, it’s calmed down but jelaing with baby oil has aggravated it. After I did a google, found out that all baby oil is is distilled petrol and not really that good for your skin at all.

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I use eroset vein oil

I have been using rape seed oil and - more recently - walnut oil, both of which are very suitable for the job. If you’re looking for something that lasts for one whole session (that is 45 minutes in my case), can safely* be used with condoms and the genital area in general and is a good massage oil as well, silicone oil is the eierlegende Wollmilchsau** that you want. Minute amounts go a really long way! I even have a small ampoule of it in my flat gentleman's box which I usually carry about.

*Do not try to engage in candle wax games while using this. It’s highly inflammable.
** Wonderful German idiom - “the woolly, milk-giving sow that lays eggs”, i.e. it’s good for anything. ;)

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Coconut oil all the way. It feels wonderful. And if you are uncut it helps keeps smegma from forming.

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*Goes to post about Albolene* *Sees that sta-kool beat him to it* :cuss:

Originally Posted by Sir Wally

** Wonderful German idiom - “the woolly, milk-giving sow that lays eggs”, i.e. it’s good for anything. ;)


Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Now I’m using organic olive oil with calendula extract. Shea butter is also a nice lube.

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