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Back after 17 year lay off

Back after 17 year lay off

Hello All:

I was an active member of this forum from 2003 - 2004, during which time I did serious PE. Life events forced me off the forum, and out of PE, shortly thereafter. It’s a long story but, suffice to say, by the early teens I was in a position to PE again, but just didn’t feel the urge due to a) having achieved a size which most would deem reasonably large; and b) the fact that, when I quit PE in 2004, it was after a frustrating plateau of little gains despite very intense workouts (after some good initial gains in the beginning).

I’ll fill in the details of what I did during my first PE run if anyone is interested. At the time all I wanted was more size, and did a lot of extreme squeezing, clamping, a little bending, and even some pumping. I can still remember taking the bus to my local Auto Zone and promptly asking the man at the counter where I could find a Mityvac - despite clearly not owning a car at the time, LOL. (I always wonder if the guys who work there know that not everyone who buys a Mityvac uses it on their car.)

Looking back, I believe that I did too much, too soon, which may have contributed to rapidly plateauing. I did reach the coveted 8 x 6 mark - mainly because I started at 7 x 5.7.

Now, 17 years later, I am significantly older and am focusing on PE for penile health and EQ. I can see I have a lot of reading to catch up on. It seems there’s been some shifts in thinking since last I PE-d, which I need to get current on. Back when I first joined, a Bib was the premier hanger, and guys like Wadzilla and Avocet were active posters. We had a bunch of mad, self-taught PE scientists, making it up as they went along, trying to figure out how and why this stuff works when the medical community was calling it a myth. In that respect, perhaps not very much has changed!

I look forward to reconnecting with anyone who remembers me, and meeting all of you new folks. Although a “veteran” I don’t believe I possess much in the way of novel ideas that haven’t been expressed by others. I can at least give you the good news that my gains did, in fact, turn out to be permanent, for those of you concerned that you will lose everything after you stop.

That’s all for now. Talk again.

_Metal Ed

Hi Metal Ed,

Nice to see you around.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Welcome back! I’m fairly new to this and would like to hear about your past experiences, please share.

IIRC, I started with basic manual stretching and jelqing, but very quickly moved into base clamping using my hand as a clamp. I remember the original ulistretch post, in which ulistretch himself described using a strong grip around the base of the penis to create internal pressure and outward expansion.

Being new to PE at the time, my tissues were much more pliable, and I experienced a delightful expansion the first time I tried that. If you’re new to PE and have never seen your dick balloon up to new proportions, it’s pretty intoxicating.

I very quickly fell in love with that experience, and ramped up the intensity so that I was doing strong manual base clamping at every session. This soon turned into semi-erect, base clamped bends, which also had a huge “wow” factor as far as immediate expansion goes. I also did a lot of manual stretching, especially fulcrum stretching. At the time, the thinking was that if you have a low erection angle, you probably don’t have much length to gain from ligament stretching. Fulcrum stretching was advised for those who needed to stretch the tunica. I’m sure that all of the squeezing and bending kept my tissues perpetually “worn out” and thus, easily stretched for the first few months, which is probably why I gained so fast at first.

Looking back, if I could do it over again, I think I would have saved the high-intensity stuff for later. I believe that I went too hard, too soon, and that my tissues “toughened up” very quickly.

Then there’s the issue of staying aroused for an entire hour while you squeeze, twist, etc. Let’s face it, most of us are going to bust out the porn to make that happen. I know I did. I don’t blame PE for making me fall down that particular rabbit hole - given the ease of access to enormous amounts of free porn, I’m sure I was headed that way anyway. But constantly relying on porn to get aroused like that - it’s just not a good thing for EQ, or your brain in general.

By the end, my dick was too strong for my hands to create any real expansion. Well, not safely anyway. I suppose I could have just squeezed harder; but how does one know exactly how many pounds of force one used last time? That was the question that eventually led me to pumping with a gauge shortly before quitting PE full stop.

I remember the very first time someone posted about using Cable Clamps to do timed clamping, and with my hands not doing the job anymore, I immediately went to a local store. I’m pleased to see that Home Depot still carries these. I wonder if the owner of the company knows what we’re using them for? Or if Home Depot employees talk about it in private? “You know these cable clamps? Listen, if you see a a young guy come in here and buy a bunch of them …”

By the end of my PE experience, I did almost everything in the cable clamp if I wasn’t in the pump. I alternated timed clamping sets with pumping. I bought a tube from VacuTech; sadly I recently discovered that they are out of business. I really liked that tube. I never should have thrown it away, but that’s another story.

At the time, pumping was frowned upon for not giving permanent gains. But today, turning 44 in a few months with an 8 x 6 dick that has never failed to impress as “big,” “so big,” or “huge,” depending on the woman, I intend to mostly pump with my nice new Leluv pump. I’d say it’s about as good as my old VacuTech/Mityvac set up.

It seems the PE community these days is more accepting of pumping as a way to get some permanent gains, if you use low pressure and longer pump times. But the big thing about pumping, for me, is that you can do it without getting aroused beforehand. Yes, going in hard is better for size increases. But I don’t want to have a need to stare at porn every day for extended times. Right now I care more about health and EQ than size gains. Furthermore, with a gauge I don’t have to play a guessing game about whether I’m using greater or lesser forces than last time.

I may at some point add in clamping AFTER pumping to get some size gains, but it’s a lower priority. I’m all stocked up on Cable Clamps in case I want to do that. BTW, you know these things are actually really useful around computers and multi-screens and things with lots of wires?

Welcome back. Congratulations on your previous gains.

I’ve been exercising fairly hard/consistent as possible the last year, and have gained nothing. (Except a good bit of base girth) which is good, but I want the mid shaft to catch up. In a little over 3 years I have gained .375” in MEG and

.75” BPEL. Probably .625” in BEG. I’ve never taken a decon break. Since all my gains have basically stopped, Starting November 1, I’m taking 2 months off. Start fresh with toe new year. When I do start up, I’m going to incorporate your manual clamps after a week or two. Hopefully that will start the gains again.

Thanks! And good luck to you in your new quest.

Start 8/15/18-BPEL-6.75” MEG-4.625”

2/17/20-BPEL-7.125” MEG-5”

Goal- 8”x5.5”

Originally Posted by Metal Ed

I can still remember taking the bus to my local Auto Zone and promptly asking the man at the counter where I could find a Mityvac - despite clearly not owning a car at the time, LOL. (I always wonder if the guys who work there know that not everyone who buys a Mityvac uses it on their car.)

That’s hilarious…and totally in line with other crazy PE stories, too. I’ve got a few like that. Welcome back. Will be looking forward to reading your progress.

IMAGE: Current 6-Inch-plus flaccid | IMAGE: 6 inch girth flaccid head | IMAGE: Ideal flaccid | IMAGE: Fulcrum stretch | IMAGE: 6.5 flaccid hang w/ ADS | IMAGE: Flaccid post-stretch | IMAGE: Hang balls | IMAGE: Big ballsack

Measurements - Flaccid Length (Non-Stretched): 6+ inches | Flaccid Shaft Girth: 5 inches | Flaccid Head Girth: 6 inches | Erect (BPEL) Length: 7-7/8 Inches; Erect Shaft Girth: 5.5 Inches | Erect Head Girth: 6.5 Inches

PE is the gradual process of making the abnormal normal

Originally Posted by Don Logan
That’s hilarious…and totally in line with other crazy PE stories, too. I’ve got a few like that. Welcome back. Will be looking forward to reading your progress.

I should have said to them, “yes, Mityvac! Yes, Roundtree! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

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