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Big Gainer Highlights

Originally Posted by cammie77
Seeing all the people questioning the reality of PE entertains me to the core. I have been doing PE for 26 ish years now. I was always a slow gainer. I found out about PE on WebTV.. Yeah way back before Thunders Place, No offence Thunder ;)

Most of the time I was very skeptical. Every couple months I would see another 1/8” on the ruler but shrug it off as maybe I had an extra good pull or I was really warmed up. Gains would stop and I would get frustrated, stop for a few months then start up again. Over the years I gained and lossed but I’m at least 2” longer and much thicker than I was when I started in my early 20’s.

Over the years I have tried..

Various hormones, internationally sourced. Dangerous I had a heart attack after a round of hormones
“ebay” creams.. Junk
Pumps / bathmate.. Fun no permanent gains
All day Stretchers .. Worst waste of time ever
Manual exercises / stretches IMO are the best thing you can do
Extended wear cock rings work good for me, be careful not to castrate yourself.

Currently I’m using cock rings, 20-24 hours a day for flaccid gains the wife seems to think it’s helping the erect length.
The ladies at the beach all seem to enjoy the bulge :) Bonus.. Chicks dig them, seriously..

Care to go into detail as far as the 20-24 hour cock ring use? Is it straight through? Short sessions to watch blood flow? What type of cock rings? Have you seen flaccid improvement?

Details appreciated!

Originally Posted by Jermaine Cole
Care to go into detail as far as the 20-24 hour cock ring use? Is it straight through? Short sessions to watch blood flow? What type of cock rings? Have you seen flaccid improvement?

Details appreciated!

I guess I’ll start out with the type of rings I use… I get mine on aliexpress just the black silicone type hopefully its ok to post a link. I have never used this seller btw Vatine Silicone Penis Ring Cock Ring Adult Products Delay Ejaculation Sex Toys For Men - Penis Rings - AliExpress

I have 32-51mm 2 of each but I need to order a few more.

Cock rings are very versatile. Basically you can use them to physically stretch your organ or place a slight constriction to get a "pump’ to adjust the rings I use a little bit of virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil is also antibacterial keep that in mind your going to want to be clean and clean often! You can place rings around the base or nuts. Typically when I’m wearing for extended times I take them off for showers and to clean and adjust through the day.

My goal is to keep my dick as big as possible without being erect, about 6" for me.
Blood flow can be a problem especially when your first learning. Overdoing it with too tight of rings and no oil will get you rock hard but it wears you out fast. You really don’t have to wear them too tight, and with the oil it helps the skin slide in the rings, it also avoids skin folds. I’m now a life long believer in Separatec underwear especially with cock rings. You can pack your package about 4 different ways in these underwear. Amazon seems to have the best deals on them.

Keep it warm. I think this is very important. You naturally shrink up when its cold out.. You don’t want the rings on if your cold. It can get uncomfortable fast.

Flaccid has improved greatly. I’m about 5" flaccid now.

Hope this helps!

1995 5" Bpel

2020 7.5" Bpel

Can you go into detail which stretches improve length?

Originally Posted by 12x12cm

Can you go into detail which stretches improve length?

I guess all kind of stretching can make your dick longer.

The tissue cant feel the different. It’s more witch method you prefer and how it fits in your life.

190416 Bpel 16,5 Bpfsl 16,5 Meg 14,2 Beg 15,0

210312 Bpel 19 Bpfsl 19,6 Meg 14,5 Beg 15,3

___Gain Bpel +2,5 Bpfsl +3,1 Meg +0,3 Beg +0,3

Originally Posted by Pe_is_an_art
There is no advantage for you or me or anyone else to see real proof of big gains of an other person and I ll explain you the reasons:

Some dicks are easy to gain fast and a lot.. Some are gaining a little and slow and some are gaining NOTHING ( non gainers ).
So even if you see a perfect real pic of someone that gained 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth it doesn t mean that because he did it .. You can also do it.
So what s the point?

Now what I have learned through my 2 years experience of consistent PE ( and some spread months of PE in the past) is that every dick is gaining with different ways.
There are people that are gaining ONLY with low intensities and people that are gaining ONLY with big intensities and some are gaining with anything and some are not able to gain no matter what they are doing.
So it s up to the person to explore with patience and discipline what works for him and if something did not work not to be disappointed and just go for the next method to see if its gonna work for him.

Even a little change in the same routine can make a person from non gainer to a gainer.
A perfect example is me.. I had done jelqing 3-4 periods of my life with zero gains.
The method of my jelqing was the classic one .. 2-3secs strokes with medium intensity and I gained nothing.
Then I changed it and I was doing 5-8 secs strokes with LIGHT intensity and the girth gains was popping like crazy making me gain 1,5cm in 6 months and +0,5cm more with a little add on of bundle stretching right before jelqing.
So from a non gainer (in length and girth) I became suddenly a big girth gainer and sooooooooooo easy and so fast without even doing dangerous stuff like clamping or pumping.
My length gains are very small no matter the 1450h of extending and hard manuals I have done.

Through this journey and being an analytic guy and big observant I noticed that the periods that I was gaining length was ONLY when I was doing LOW intensity of extending for only3-4h per day and that whenever I was upping the intensity and/or the vol the gains were getting instantly into a halt and the Bad Pis were happening.
The other period that I gained was with LIGHT intensity manual stretching..

So lets say that now that I am into the right path of the less is more that I have found out that is the only thing that is working me.. In some months I ll gain 1/2 inches more.. Well it will happened the same thing as my girth gains..
So what IF I had stopped and said.. Well PE doesn t work .. Or well my dick can t gain?
I would just have a false conclusion.

So what you need to understand is that by looking at a dick pic that is genuine and the gains are huge.. It doesn t change your PE journey.
So there is really no point in asking for proofs.

This. Every man’s journey is different. I have been jelqing on and off for over 10 years. I am a hard gainer, no doubt about it.

The trick is to learn your own penis and body and to what you respond best. There is so much advice from so many great people. Try different things. Keep what works for you, drop what doesn’t work for you. Ensure you don’t hurt yourself and give yourself time to recover. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. When the gains come, celebrate.

Stay healthy, brothers.

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Goal: BPEL 8.0", EG 5.5"

This is a great thread and deserves to be bumped. Great motivation.

Start: 7.125" X 4.625"

Goal: 8'' X 6''

A thread to be proud of.

Giovanni and I started off at the around the same size in length so I’m going to see if I can match those gains in his 11 months. But my route will be totally different as I’m in love with my extender and never want to take it off. I always do 300-500 jelqs daily and 1 x 30 minute Bathmate session every other day. At the moment I’ve felt zero soreness and have gained fast approaching 2 inches on my bone pressed flaccid in 6 weeks.

PE isn’t a chore to me, it’s a real pleasure and I will do it for the rest of my life.

Thanks for this thread G.

It’s cool to see the steps some of the big guys took. Also inspiring to keep us young G’s moving.

Well this is encouraging, considering my first goal is pretty modest (7.5 X 5.5, although my ideal is 8 X 6)

Start: BPEL 6 3/4 MEG 4 3/4 BPFSL 6 7/8

Goal: at least 7 1/2 NBPEL x 5 1/2 MEG.

Perspective is everything. Progress thread: From anxious to confident

Originally Posted by cammie77

Over the years I have tried…

Various hormones, internationally sourced. Dangerous I had a heart attack after a round of hormones
“ebay” creams…. junk
pumps / bathmate.. fun no permanent gains
All day Stretchers …. worst waste of time ever
Manual exercises / stretches IMO are the best thing you can do
Extended wear cock rings work good for me, be careful not to castrate yourself.

Didn’t try scam pills for I already started with a pump and knew they promised impossible things like gaining 10cm in 7 days or shit like that.
Pumps are fun, and if you’re consistent enough there is a gain that lingers through the years but it’s too little.
But I contest the take on ADS, all my lenght gains came from using ADS, most came late with higher tensions while maintaining the closest to 24/7 as possible. ADS is not a waste of time if you do it right. Yields quite fast results too, at least on my experience.
Manuals never worked for me even if being consistent all I got was tendinitis on my arms. However I do add some strong maintained stretches every now and then between ads sets. around 5 to 6kg of force for 30 sec periods, 5 seconds rest then repeat for 5 minutes, dunno if it helps at all but it’s sure fun and sometimes necesary to rest a bit from the noose.
Clamping does help too, extended aided edging (EAE) is what I do (sort of edging with a cock ring for higher inner pressure) and vascularity has been doing great lately, after 20 to 30 minutes of EAE at max 100+% erection the dick is 5 to 10 milimetre girthier. It mostly fades away though in a few days, but erections become rock solid

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Meta: 28cm BPEL x 21cm MSEG -- si, quiero tenerla mas gorda que tu vieja. jaja

This is a great thread, I think newbies that come here and talk about not having time should read through all these posts.

Stop setting goals, set objectives without limitations.

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