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Bigger package

Bigger package

hi all,
As you can see i have registered a long time ago, this is probably my first post. i’ve lurked for awhile, tried jelqing and manual stretching. Havent much luck with it. Good hard ons with jelqing , but that ‘s about it.

Anyhow, I want to ask if there were any good ways to create a realistic bulge in your pants. It seem like not only do I not have a bulge, my crotch area caves in!

thanks in advance.

Cock rings are often times worn to slow the bloodflow upon exit. many guys will wear these to avoid turtling. What routine, schedule on/off, and supplements are you using? Don’t be discouraged; not everyone reacts the same to every method. Some people react well to jelquing, some don’t. As far as stretching, are you familiar with the LOT theory?

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My noose style extender modification

My jelq routine

Perfect non-fake bulge— practice the newbie routine [check in my sig] as posted- do not ejaculate after [keeps our balls loaded] and then use a simple cock & ball strap.

If you don’t have one then simply take a [preferably silk] handkerchief and snugly [not tightly] tie off your entire package, looping the material around twice or so.

If you make a habit of so doing you will

1- generate an aesthetically larger package

2- and better yet, began the process of gently pulling your entire package away from your body- which will lessen general retraction back into the body

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