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If I understand correctly, 17ml wants to find out if there is a correlation between PE gaining potential and somatic types. I think any correlation study is welcome if it’s done correctly (precise, relevant, based on a sufficiently large sample), not to be misleading.
Regarding its outcome, I’m very much skeptical. Let me explain:

It’s logical assuming that a body having some kind of potential will develop that potential in a natural way. For example, if a person has genes to grow tall, its body will grow tall if not blocked somehow. A muscular type person will naturally be well built, even without exercising, provided it’s on a decent diet (not starving in a ghetto). Someone being genetically inclined to deposit fat will become overweight, if he/she doesn’t take countermeasures. That is exactly the definition of a body type, the ability to develop some traits for which it has innate potential.

In this view, if PE gaining potential would be related to body types, we should see a correlation between penis size (the already developed potential) and body types, which we don’t!

P.S. I’m a typical ectomorph (I have to work 10 times more for each ounce of muscle than others) with rather good PE gaining ability (good newbie gains, steady further gaining).

Awesome post! Good to hear a fellow ectomorph with good gains! I just started a light version of the newbie routine on here, hearing that I should start light- and if I can gain like this, its better for the later heavier routines.
3 weeks in, no gains except for flacid size and for EQ from kegel routines. Which is good for now.
Thanks again for the assurance!