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cable stretching device

cable stretching device

I want to throw something into the giant R&D Department that is Thunders.

After seeing DLD’s Power Assist, RB’s Power Stretcher, and other stretching devices I started noodling around with a 7 foot Krytonite bike lock cable I had down in the garage. To do V stretches, I sit on the edge of my chair, push my flaccid dick through one of the loops and let the rest of the cable hang towards the floor, where I use my feet to pull it. When pulling my dick up with one hand, and pulling the cable loop down on top of my ligs with the other, the leverage is really intense. By changing the angle of my dick, or the angle of the cable, it hits slightly different parts of my dick.

The cable works fine too in the A stretch direction, by just switching the direction of the cable and pulling up instead of down. I can also do side stretches by pulling the cable one direction as I pull my dick the other way. Again, I can change the angle of my dick or the cable and it stretches my dick in a slightly different way.

Since I can’t leave well enough alone, I went to Home Despot Monday and bought a 3 foot length of quarter inch, plastic covered cable (79 cents a foot). I then created loops on both ends using duct tape on one end and two zip ties on the other, just to see what would work best. I dipped both ends of the cable in that Plasti-Dip stuff I have around from making a pump. Then I took tied a loop of braided nylon rope on to one of the cable loops, and put a piece of armacell pipe insulation I have around for my power jelq (canning jar lifter!) on one of the loops to soften things — although it hasn’t been necessary.

The result works very well. I can vary the length of the rope and use the device sitting up or lying down. Everything cost less than $10. The Krytonite cable was working fine for me, but I wanted to make my own version because the loops of the Krytonite are relatively small, and I wanted a design that can accommodate bigger dickheads. (No offense.)

Anyway, I’m sharing this just to plant it in the collective conscience here. Maybe someone can improve on the design. I don’t think it’s quite there yet. I guess a piece of rope, with a little cushion, could do virtually the same thing as the cable, but I think the relative rigidity of the cable helps. At a quarter inch in diameter, it may be too thin, so I’m going to see how it feels with some foam wrap to thicken it up a little.

I plan to combine using the cable device and my trusty two foot piece of half inch diameter PVC pipe for my stretching routine.

My home made device is pictured here. The Elmo, Power Puff Girl, Charmander and beer bottle are all there for scale. The Kryptonite bike lock cable I use is the second item down on this page:

(16.1 KB, 583 views)

Is there something just a little bizarre about using elmo for scale? I’ll never be able to look at my duaghter’s Elmo the same way again. In fact I find that whole picture just a little bit out of whack. But hey all is good in the quest for deeper penetration.

Oh, yeah, sorry. Guess that might be a little weird. Those are just things that happened to be on the floor within a few feet of where I took the picture. Except for the beer. I got that out of the fridge.

Elmo is my stretch buddy though.

Originally posted by Ike

Elmo is my stretch buddy though.

:chuckle: That might be the funniest thing I’ve read here.

Behind that happy façade, Elmo has some insecurity about the size of his penis. Zoe never complains, but when she just lies there humming “sunny day, chasing the clouds away…” it can really affect a monster’s confidence. (And then when Zoe keeps saying “is it in?” he gets another not-so-subtle clue.)

Big Bird’s nose gets a lot of action. Bert is evil.

Among other Muppets, Miss Piggy is something of a size queen. That’s why she obsesses on Kermit, who has an 11 inch prehensile tongue.



A couple of months ago, I made something similar to that using a 3/4” wide nylon strap and an Ace bandage. The strap is roughly 3’ long. It has a loop on each end large enough to fit your hand through. Its original purpose was for weight lifting.

I first tried it with pipe insulation around one of the loops, but later found an Ace bandage to be even more comfortable. You might want to give that a try and see what you think. Fasten the bandage with a piece tape rather than those little metal things.

You can do some very serious stretching with one of these. Be careful.


Started: 2/03, Finished: 5/06, Total Gains: 1.375” BPEL 1.5” EG, Details: Progress after a year or longer off?

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible—M. C. Escher

Cool. I can get some double-thick nylon strap like that from the climbing gym down the street. I’ll try it.

I have since taken off the pipe insulation and wrapped it with trainer’s foam tape instead. Much more comfortable, but I can see how an Ace bandage would have served the same purpose and would be easier to wrap. I also took a longer length of rope and created three total of loops — each big enough to put my foot in. Now I can use it sitting down, or standing up or lying down. Here’s an incredibly accurate, almost photo-realistic, artist’s rendering:

Q <— insert dick here
| <— cable
o <— tie rope to cable here
Q <— foot loops

But I’d rather make the whole thing out of that nylon strap, with just some Ace bandage to provide a little cushion for the dick shaft.

And yes, I can do some serious stretching this way. It’s nice to be able to vary the angle at which the fulcrum is created.


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