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New,maybe, manual stretching device

New,maybe, manual stretching device

OK, I’m guessing that someone has already come up with this tho I
Haven’t seen it or found with search. I thought of this
Ages ago when I first started my lurking here and decided that since it was so
Simple that people must have tried it before.

But since joining I’ve realised that it’s always better to share just
In case you can help someone rather than keeping to yourself so I’m going to post this.

I have neither made nor used anything of this design!

OK, my diagram is very basic, but so is design.

You stand on a board to which you attach your penis using a hanger and some rope.

By straightening your legs you apply a stretch to the penis in a downward direction.

The strength of the stretch and how far you stretch is controlled by your legs
And the maximum stretch distance is limited by the length of the rope.
Shorter rope = bigger stretch distance. This can be adjustable
(Either by changing rope length or having a screw thread on the
Metal loop securing it to the board)

I think that this device would be good as it would allow you to gradually build up the
Stretch force and it would allow you to control your limit, gradually making the rope
Shorter as you get your gains.

So what you think? Is this being done already?

(8.2 KB, 146 views)

Well I haven’t gotten 3 months of PE under my belt yet (pun intended)

So I’m *trying* to stick to newbie routine. But laziness gets the better of


Originally Posted by gonnab8

Well I haven’t gotten 3 months of PE under my belt yet (pun intended)

So I’m *trying* to stick to newbie routine. But laziness gets the better of


Laziness/consistency was a problem for me too when I started, but I ended up gaining with minimal PE, say twice a week! Which was sweet!

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

Crikey, that thing looks like some sort of medieval torture device. If you’re going to do that, you may as make yourself comfortable and just hang. But I do applaud your inventiveness.

Dam, ok not a bad idea, if you change it alittle, maybe alot. The way you have it set up you could call it “Rip your dick off 1, 2, 3”. When you stretching with one hand, maybe two after a while, what’s the must weight wise you can do? Maybe 70 to 80lbs max, unless your heavy into weight-lifting. Now think of this, with your legs, how much can you press in a leg press, maybe 200lbs or more, I once saw a guy on his first day at the gym, do over 300lbs. What do you think would happen to your dick if you put more than 200lbs on it. Maybe you should look in the lines of a rig where your laying down, and you have a line going to one foot. Now with your foot pointed towards you there should be no tension, then you can increase the amount of pull when you point your toes away from you. Now what’s the advantage of doing this way, well one of the problems with hanging, is the majority of the guys stand, at least this way, you could sit or lay down to pass the time away, plus with one foot pressing it’s almost effortless, keeping the tension.

My max on leg press is 600 :)

I like the toes pointing away idea Michael.

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What if I want my left foot on the other side? (:

Actually I do the same thing minus the board. Like Michael above said, I just loop a rope down to one foot and can easily control the tension as desired while I sit in my recliner. It takes very little effort to keep my 10-15 pound tension and I can stay right on the edge of fatigue, making the workout as efficient as can be.

Keep thinking. Ideas like yours are part of what makes Thunder’s so great. :)

Yeah I do what TPS does… kind of. Same idea, just no board. I tie it around my big toe so I can just kind of flex it forward. Yeah… it’s kinda cool, I know.

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You could add a fish scale inline so you know how much tension you’re applying.

Originally Posted by hobby
You could add a fish scale inline so you know how much tension you’re applying.

I like this idea. As well, I would probably substitute the rope for something more elastic, like bungee cord or rubber hose.

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