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Cell Recycling and Cementing Gains

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Originally Posted by lil12big1
Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings Mr Wadzilla, but it’s no more than a simple logic trick designed to demonstrate how easy it is to manipulate a small set of data to address your own agenda. It’s an illusion of truth …. nothing more.


lil1 :lep:

That’s a bummer, man. We were close…….damn close.

Originally Posted by marinera
So, the more a thing is thinner, the harder it becomes to deform. Are you going to change the Physics laws to defend your ideas, now?

marinera, if you had a latex square that was 4” x 4”, do you think you could stretch it over a dinner plate? Sure you could. How about a table? Well, possibly a small table. How about a soccer field? Not a chance.

Nothing can be stretched ‘infinitely.’ So, according to your “laws of physics,” you actually have a greater chance to further thicken a structure than to thin it; although, as it thickened it would offer more resistance of course.

Originally Posted by marinera
About the F:L ratio, it’s the weaker of basis, IMO. Flaccid length and erected (or stretched) length aren’t homogeneous entity: flaccid length is influenced by many factors; I think FL means near nothing. When I drink a lot of coffee or alchool, in example, my fl is shorter than average: so coffee is augmenting elasticity of my penis? So coffe drinkers should have prodigious gains, in your model. Forget FL is my advice.

I have to disagree with you there….strongly.

I have repeatedly heard medical professionals, on the subject of penis size, claim that there’s greater variation in flaccid size than in erect. In other words, if you take the old claims (Kinsey) that 83% of all men are between 5-7”, that’s only a 2” range. But guys in that very same erect range might differ in flaccid from anywhere between 2, 2.5” to 5.5” or so - a range nearly double that of erect.

While I agree with you that many factors can affect flaccid size, and that it’s tough to pinpoint one’s flaccid with any real precision, I do believe in noting one’s “typical flaccid.” I think that’s fairly reliable.

Have you ever wondered how 2 guys with, say, exactly 6” erect might have “typical flaccid” sizes that can range anywhere from 2 to 5 inches, respectively? Furthermore, how is it possible that the “grower” might be able to triple his flaccid while the other guy (5”) grows only 20% to full erection?

Elasticity. It has nothing to do with blood flow. The “grower” has a lot more elasticity - which is why his flaccid can double in size to erection (some men can even triple in size). Yet another guy might always be 5” - no matter how flaccid; conversely, no matter how aroused he might become (a “blistering boner”), he never grows more than an inch to full erection (even with his gal’s finger wiggling up his ass).

I believe:

(1) Elasticity can be an accurate predicter of rate of gains & possible total gains (within reason).

(2) Elasticity can, and does, change over the course of one’s PE career - indeed, it diminishes (as per the dB reference I mentioned earlier - in addition to my own experiences).

(3) As elasticity diminishes (into plasticity), size gains occur.

(4) This diminished elasticity is also made manifest in one’s growing “typical flaccid” size. In my case, my pre-PE winky was only 50% of my erection. At the endgame, it represented 60% of my erection. Considering that my erection was quite a bit larger at that point, yet the % went up, there was actually a disproportionately greater increase in my flaccid size.

(5) This simply cannot be attributed to “increased blood flow.” Consider that I went 3+ years off PE, cold turkey, without experiencing hardly any losses….no jelqing, no nothing. So, what the hell would have kept my blood flow “elevated” for those 3 years? In other words, how I did I manage to retain “increased blood flow” for 3+ years? Of course, I didn’t.

(6) After my size losses kicked in, I didn’t just lose flaccid in proportion to my erect losses, I lost a lot more. Indeed, I’m back down around 50% of my (now smaller) erection.

That relationship (F:E) is not only heavily represented in the dB here but, in my case, actually came around full circle. Hence, lil12big1’s words of desperation, “Once again, Mr Wadzilla, you have ably demonstrated why your “theory” falls flat on its face even after only cursory scrutiny…” could not be further from the truth.

It’s sad when a man gets “slam-dunked” in his face; it’s sadder yet when he doesn’t even realize it. :)

Listen, this polemic is at times entertaining, but it’s not really what I had hoped for.

In the interest of advancing PE, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do….then I duck out for a while.

I want to complete a supplement to my PDF (not a rehash, but some new shit). It’ll probably be only about 1/3 the length of the other. When I complete it, I am going to attempt to have at least 1 urologist - preferably one affiliated with one of the research hospitals in my area - give it a perusal. I would give him (no, I don’t really want to do this with a female doctor) a preparatory intro, then offer up the 2 pdfs & request his thoughts - whatever the hell they might be.

My area (Pittsburgh) is internationally-renown as a medical headquarters. There are several world-class university hospitals/research facilities in the Oakland & Uptown sections of the city. Most people have heard about Salk’s discovery of the Polio vaccine here as well as Thomas Starzl pioneering heart transplants, but the hospitals here are a host to a shit load of medical “firsts.” Patients from all around the world have travelled here in publicized cases to receive cutting-edge surgeries (no pun intended).

What truly sucks is that I had a “foot in the door” a few years ago - with Dr. Jen. Indeed, she was affililiated with a prestigious research center here. She would’ve been a helluva resource to put me in touch with possibly several urologists……..but………..alas…….<sighing>…….

After I performed some “tissue deformation” on her anus, then washed off my shit-streaked hammer in her kitchen sink, then proceeded to urinate all over her dishes…….well……..things really went downhill from there.

I haven’t spoken to her in ages; nor would she, of course, do a damn thing for me. Come to think of it, she got the hell out of the area (moved South, I believe). Hmmmmmm……..

Carry on, men!!!

Your still fucking the fat chick when this is all said and done, zillawad!!!! :)

09-01-07= 6" Bpel & 4.5"

01-10-20 = 8&1/4" x 6"

Originally Posted by wadzilla

Nothing can be stretched ‘infinitely.’

What if that Nothing had the ability to regenerate? Something like, I don’t know, Human tissue?

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
That’s a bummer, man. We were close…….damn close.

I’ll answer that with one of your own insightful observations …..

Originally Posted by wadzilla
It’s sad when a man gets “slam-dunked” in his face; it’s sadder yet when he doesn’t even realize it. :(

I hate kicking a man when he’s down, when he’s cowering in a corner and pathetically flailing in his own excrement ……. it’s so difficult to get the smell out of your boots! :chuckle:

Mr Wadzilla, some facts for you to ponder ….

Fact 1
Despite numerous requests, you have unable to provide details of any published journal references to support your claims.

Fact 2
In lieu of providing references, you have either changed the topic, ignored the requests, offered useless generalisations or, more disturbingly, you simply invented fictitious references.

Fact 3
You can’t even get the measurements of you own penis right - 3 times you’ve referred to it and every time it’s different.

These are not opinions, these are cold sobering facts. They are your own words and actions - just look back through the thread, it’s there for all to see. Mr Wadzilla, take a step back and think about what you are doing. What do you hope to achieve with all this nonsense - credibility suicide? You’re getting very close to that now. Saving face? You’re going completely the wrong way about it. Dig your own grave? Why? Or will you simply blindly revert to Fact 2? Sadly, my chips will be on Fact 2 because I don’t think you’re capable of anything better. But, prove me wrong!

Now, excuse me gentlemen, I have to go and change my boots!

lil1 :lep:

Update: So you’re off to see the urologist ….. well, I hope they are kinder than I am. But, given your past history, we’ll probably never know whether this is truth or just another one of your fictitious concoctions (Fact 2).

I’ll tell you what Mr Wadzilla, here’s a challenge - once you’re done, post a copy of your supplement and I’ll get one of the lecturers in medicine at my university to look over it in their break - I’m loathed to waste their time, but I’m sure they’d enjoy the chuckle. :chuckle: Any other takers out there? Marinera?

BPEL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | *20cm* (8")

MTSL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | *25cm* (10") MTSL = Maximum Traction Stretched Length

"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

The reason I don’t like PE theories is because they are so hard to prove, and what someone says on a forum page doesn’t make me magically gain anymore. It doesn’t hurt to speculate and discuss it so everyone can try and improve their general PE knowledge but in the end we have to find what works for us. If I listened to all pre-existing PE theories I wouldn’t gained what I have so far, 1- because they conflict with each other sometimes, and 2- because they are just that - theories, and they may or may not apply to you. With little evidence or proof to convince you (other then trying it for yourself to see if it applies to you). We are like beta-testers trying to iron out the bugs of a program which can be very hit and miss. The LOT theory is a perfect example, when reading older topics before I joined, you can see it was taken seriously. Now when it’s mentioned people usually say “lot theory was never proven, don’t worry about it”.

I have my own PE theories, but I don’t like speaking about them on main member or newbie forum. They are what works for me, and I post them in the progress log for others to read if they wish. But I don’t want to get into a pissing contest with someone else about them. There is no way to prove them.

The reason PE theories are bogus (in my opinion) is because we form these based on how they apply to each of us personally. Our opinions, biases and agendas are soley based on our own individual experiences. The last few pages of this topic is proof of that. None of us have hands on experience of PE’ing when it applies to someone elses dick. We only see our own. There is diet, lifestyle, genetics, exercise technique, layers of tunica, determination/consistancy and lots of other factors not yet understood that makes no two people or dicks the same. There is no study with 30 people who live in a house for 30 days or longer to try each of these and try to gain some real unbiased scientific results. A true scientific result eliminates all other factors so that it can isolate the one that you are testing, how is that possible for PE?

Talking about PE and trying to learn more about it seems like a good thing. Developing hypothesis that can help future PE’ers have more success seems like a good thing. But the problem is when the quest for the truth is lost in favour of a pissing contest where people try to bignote themselves. Which seems to have happened here a bit.

I don’t understand one thing, if a shower’s penis is lacking elasticity, does it mean he won’t gain?
Nothing about the elastic talks here sits right for me, you talk about F:E you dont talk about the link for Bigger EL, I realy think you canoot say anything about elastic with your knowlage of cells, i dont belive you realy know how a cell is reacting under presure.

When you keep giving examples on elastics, it doesn’t help much, becouse i think, from what i understand, that the argument is about how gains achived and not about how you think you gain, and then keep explaining that.

Maybe you are right on your claims, but there could be more then one way to gain, and you will need to cover all espacts if you want to make a valid pdf.

Amen, CubanB! Excellent post. My thoughts exactly.

I have not tried to argue specifically for or against Wad’s theory, as for me personally, it only rings partly true. I have a feeling many more people are going to have similar experience as me; lose some gains, not all. My opinion, Wad’s theory sets a baseline. It’s a worst case scenario. Obviously true for him, but I bet it will never be proven to be the norm/average experience for most. Just like original dick size, there are some on the high and low fringes, most sit in the “middle/average” category.

The diet/health/exercise thing is a factor in this also. In my case, if everything we think about those things is true, I should have lost all my gains, and even ended up smaller than pre-PE. Not the case though, as I have reported several times before, I lost some gains, but in general, MOST remained. (mainly length) As for diet and exercise, when I first did PE I was younger, ate much healthier, and didn’t smoke. Made decent gains then. During my 4+ years off PE, I began smoking again, didn’t eat nearly as well, had a serious accident which caused years of relative inactivity, I lost 25 pounds, spent 2+ years on narcotic painkillers daily, almost to the point of “dependence”. Many negative factors that should have been worse for my dick. And during that time, sex and/or masturbation was very infrequent for me.

Now I am more than 7 years older than when I first did PE. I still smoke, but am tapering down so I can start the pills again, and quit forever. I eat pretty good now. I’m more active, but I don’t work out at all. I’m still 25 pounds lighter than when I started PE originally (I’m 145 now). I’m almost completely tapered off the narcotics (only use hydrocodone 10/325 at this time). Through all this, I have gained back 1/4” of my lost girth, in about 5 months.

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