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Clamping again.

Clamping again.

So I’ve started clamping again and my routine is 5 minutes on 5 minutes off but my question is how long can I do this for? I guess like 5min on/ 5min off would be one set. So how many sets is safe per day?

Also can there be heart problems related to clamping?

Heart problems?

Like can prolonged erections cause some wear and tear on your heart? Or can there be any issues related to the heart from PE and clamping?

I can’t see how. Where you got this idea?

Was just wondering because I have had a bit of chest pain recently and I was just wondering if it could be due to clamping. Though knowing me it could be stress giving me the chest pain.

No PE exercise has specific heart dangers. If you suspect you have such kind of issues you should speak with a doctor though.

I have a doctors appointment scheduled soon so I shall talk to him about it then. But what about the session length? Is it personal preference or is there time limit one should follow?

I think 3 sets of 5, 1 on / 1 off is a good place to start.

You shouldn’t stay clamped for more than fifteen minutes at a time.

I recommend reading more about clamping before you proceed.

Check out Big Girtha’s Clamping 101 thread.

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I have read the Clamping 101 guide many time lol I’m just asking a few questions I have recently come too.

3 sets is usually the bench mark of where to start. Then each week I would say you could add a few minutes. So week 2 clamp 7 minute per set then week 3 ten minutes per set. I personally don’t go over ten minutes per set.

Also on days where you feel really good you could throw in an extra set or two.

Breaks from clamping aren’t good from my personal experience. But then again, I have a pretty long history with clamping.

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I like taking breaks myself. I just finished a 9 day break from all PE and since I’ve starte again the expansion I get is ridiculous an it looks like I am finally gaining some good girth. My cock finally is starting to look fat!

Do what you feel you can manage, everyone is different, your body will tell you when to take the clamp off

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