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Clamping question please

Clamping question please

Just tried my first five min clamp session one set with a cable clamp but I get no where the expansion as I get from a uli or horse squeeze

I would like to hear from the clampers out there if its only me that doesnt get the expansion that one gets from the manual ones I mentioned

I have gained half inch in almost four months of jelgs and last 2 months of of jelgs and ulis and squeezes

Ay input is welcomed

You might want to try milking the simple routines for all they are worth before you move on to more advance stuff. Not sure how advance you are but what I do for clamping is I use a hose clamp instead of a cable clamp. I then edge for 10 minutes while the Jose clamp is on so I have a 100%-110% erection the whole ten minutes.

So for me 10 minute warm wrap,
10 minutes stretching/jelqing,
10 minutes clamping,
10 minutes warm wrap.

Maybe try using a hose clamp because you can make much smaller increments rather than a cable clamp. Also start out slow for a while 5 minutes sounds good to me. Never do more than 15 minutes clamping at a time. Aim for 10 in the long run.

R you getting good expansion with clamp on, I only got an 1/8 ” compared to 3/8” when manual girth work

I’de say about 1/2 inch more (both length and girth) with a clamp than I do with just a normal erection. Do you have a full erection and do you stimulate yourself so you are constantly pumping more blood into your penis? If you are noticing more gains with a different exercise then you should do whatever works best for you.

Curgt, no chat speaking please. I would suggest to stay on what gave you gains.

People, never clamp with a horse clamp, it can’t be quickly removed and can geto broken, with risks of cuts or to be enable to remove it.

Yes I was pumping and kegeling when clamped but I guess ur right , maybe clamping is not for me,,,, I did start out at 100% and pumped to keep it up close to 100%

Tks for the input

Not sure what you mean by chat speaking?

‘r’. ‘Thks’.

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