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Consensus on post heated stretching - maintenance

Consensus on post heated stretching - maintenance

So this is my basic understanding. That either Ultrasound or Far-IR heat supports a stretching campaign by allowing the accommodation of the septum and that subsequent to that either the tunica will catch up on it’s own or girth related treatment with facilitate BPEL catching up to BPFSL gains.

So what do we do after presuming a successful heated stretching campaign?

Do we maintain the stretch for a while for the BPEL to catch up or do we do a pumping campaign to treat the Tunica?

I simply do not know what the consensus is.

I am presuming this should be done prior to the long deconditioning phase?

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Cool down naturally while in a stretched state. Practice for cool down has been to increase load by 20% over last heated load. Cooldown for minimum 10 min as tests show normal temperature is restored after 10 min without heat source.

I’m not sure what you are seeking in your question about decon break, but Kyrpa and Longerstretch both advise the value of a decon break. So if in doubt take a decon break.

From Kyrpa’s work:
Using the ultrasound for therapeutic heat in PE

From post #1 describing the benefit of cooling down in a stretched state, with a closing comment of negative impact of using ice to cool down:

“According to Sapega et al (1981), stretching connective tissue at elevated temperature the condition which under the tissue cools down affects the elongation that remains after tensile stress is removed. They based their hypothesis on Lehmann et al. (1970) , which found that after heated tissue is stretched , maintaining tensile force during cooling down significantly increasing the relative proportion of plastic deformation compared with unloading the tissue while its temperature still high.

They also speculated that cooling the tissue before releasing allows the collagenous micro-structure to re-stabilize more toward its new stretched length.
However (Hardy and Woodal 1998) have questioned benefits the aided cooling while tension. Applying cold while tension it diminished all the gains made in flexibility with every study group.
Therefor applying ice during cool down is not necessary and possibly even counterproductive.”

Initial: 7” BPEL; 6” NBPEL; 5.25” - 5.5” MEG

Current: 7.75” BPEL; 7.25” NBPEL; 8.25” BPFSL; 6.25” - 6.5” MEG w/ c-ring.

Goal: Improved/consistent EQ while managing ED. Secondary: maintain current stats.

Yeah I guess I didn’t word it properly I have been doing the cooldown. And I understand the merits of a deconditioning phase.

I mean after the the 3-4 month heated stretching campaign is done, should the stretch be maintained for some weeks for the tunica to expand to the accommodation created in the septum, so that the BPEL catches up to the BPFSL?

Or should a pumping routing be adopted for a time to treat the tunica to facilitate the BPEL catching up with the increase in the BPFSL?

What is the thinking there? Is there a consensus?

Big cock, tight abs, fit body, strong mind.

I do not think there is a specific consensus simply because nobody has tried it. It would be a matter of applying your theory and logging every single one of your daily results that can be eventually charted and replicated.

It makes sense to me, that if your septum becomes the limiting factor, is because your penis grew. Therefore whatever you did before, worked. Now, if the septum is the problem, you apply one of these novel approaches, septum grows. Then, it is is reasonable to infer that if the septum has gained an advantage over BPEL, then re-applying conventional routines for length should re-start new BPEL growth.

Period 1: 06/08/2020 BPFSL: 22cm (8.66") BPEL: 22cm (8.66") EG: 15.8cm (6.25") => 09/07/2020 BPFSL: 23.9cm (9.40")

Period 2: 05/01/2021 BPFSL: 24cm (9.44") BPEL: 22cm (8.66") EG: 15.8cm (6.25") => 07/24/2021 BPFSL: 25.4cm (10.00") BPEL: 23.5cm (9.25")

Goal: 1 Foot x 7.5 Inches (30.48cm x 19.05cm) NBPEL

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