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Decon Break. Not Liking It. Losing Girth.

My work day routine was done in the morning. Also, on those days, I would do an additional 10 minute clamp & 10-20 pump, in the late afternoon.

Start 8/15/18-BPEL-6.75” MEG-4.625”

2/17/20-BPEL-7.125” MEG-5”

Goal- 8”x5.5”

If you’re seeing shrinkage during a break it probably means you’ve been overdoing the workouts.

That sucks! So are you saying when I start back up, never go back to old routine? I know when I start to, start slow. But I thought I would eventually get back to old routine.

Start 8/15/18-BPEL-6.75” MEG-4.625”

2/17/20-BPEL-7.125” MEG-5”

Goal- 8”x5.5”

For me two things are hard on decon:

- my unit feels like bevor PE, disconnected, like its not mine.

- that I am loosing my gains slowly without knowing if I get them back.

I am doing PE for half a year now, and it looks like that the time of gains is over

but I am not ready for a longer decon.

started around 15cm BPEL/BPFSL in 2021

now: around 8/6

target: grow in all directions

But can the penis truly grow in just 12 days??? Seems like cellular division and regrowth etc. might take longer than just 2 weeks. Might be wrong, but don’t give up hope so fast. And try to be very very positive, believe you are big and are growing, really send the mental power down your body into your cock. Positive thoughts=positive outcomes regardless of what the outcome is. At least, its good to think this way ;)

Starting length, Spring 2003: bpel 6 3/8", bpfsl ~6 1/2", flaccid ~3-4" (never measured flaccid stretched or hanging flaccid; starting girth was probably ~5"-5 1/4")

Summer 2004: bpel 7 7/8", bpfsl 8 1/8", flaccid ~4", erect girth 5.3"

Spring 2018: bpel 7 1/4", bpfsl 7 5/8", erect girth 5 1/8"; Spring 2020: bpel 7 3/4", bpfsl 8", erect girth 5 3/8". Current - August 2021: bpel 7 3/4", bpfsl 8", erect girth 5 1/4"

It’s not good (for your own emotional well being) to compare peak measurements to average measurements. Compare peak measurements to peak measurements. The measurements you take right now are important for comparing to the measurements you take during your next deconditioning break. Don’t compare them to your previous peak measurements.

Having said that, after looking over your routine, it seems like way too much. The days off are more important than the days on - and the amount of work required to see growth can vary from person to person, but if I did as much as you do, my dick would shrivel up.

My advice, take it or leave it, would be to give yourself a couple of weeks. I want to say 4, but you might not be able to wait that long - but at least a couple of weeks - don’t do any work at all - don’t measure - just leave it alone.

When you come back, do 3x10 minute clamping sessions per day - clamped fully erect. The first clamping session is kind of like a warm up in that you just clamp erect, but don’t really “push it”. You’re just getting things stretched a little. The last two sessions, you’re really trying to get some expansion going, and by the end of the third session, your dick should be so swollen with blood and water that it feels like someone else’s dick in your hand lol

Rest the next day.

Get in 3 days of work per week with a day off in between. If you’re after girth first and foremost, focus on girth work primarily.

My personal belief on doing multiple types of work (length and girth) is that if I go hard on one, I shouldn’t do the other. If I go medium on one, I will sometimes go medium on the other. For example, today, I will do 2 clamping sessions, and two hanging (BTC) sessions. Tomorrow, I will do 3 hanging sessions but zero clamping sessions. Bib advised against taking too much time off when hanging, and I have not noticed any negative side effects from hanging with minimal rest days, so I have no issues hanging with minimal rest days.

But, clamping REQUIRES a break from clamping, so tomorrow, on my day of 3 hanging sessions, I will do zero clamping sessions. The next day, I will do 3 clamping sessions, but zero hanging sessions.

I usually have a full day of no work after that, and then start the cycle over again. I do regular deconditioning from hanging - I will work up from 10 to 15 lbs, over 4-5 months, and then stay at 15, but reduce the number of sets for a couple of months, before doing a complete stop on hanging. I feel that the 2 months of reduced sets helps cement the gains I make during the cycle. I’m currently doing just that, which is why my hanging sets are fit in around my clamping schedule.

But, I have been doing PE since early 2015, and I’m in tune with what I can and can’t get away with. Even after this much time, part of me still wants to revert back to more is better, but in reality, it is not.

I have never seen so much angst over a decon break. Look if it’s bothering you that much than screw the break and go back and do PE. Trust me the stress you’re putting yourself through is far more damaging than anything else.

Thinking about a decon break and NOT looking forward to it. I’m still seeing slight gains, but I feel that a plateau is definitely starting to happen. I’ve been at it for over a year with only a few injury breaks - always less than a week. I’m considering a 2 month break. At this point, it would feel weird stopping. I do 8-10 hours with an extender 6 days a week and use a bathmate about 5-6 days a week. I’m close to my length goal. If I can reach that, I would just switch to a maintenance routine for length and focus on girth. Anyway, advice is appreciated.

2012 - 8 month routine
Start BPEL 5.4” x MEG 4.3”
End BPEL 6.25” x MEG 4.3”

Oct 2020
Start: BPEL 6” x MEG 4.3”
Current: BPEL 7.25” x MEG 4.8”
Goal: BPEL 7.5” x MEG 5”

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It’s definitely not fun. I’m pretty sure I’ve already lost .125” in MEG already. Not even 2 weeks in.

So you gained .25”MEG in a year with Bathmate? No edema issues?

Start 8/15/18-BPEL-6.75” MEG-4.625”

2/17/20-BPEL-7.125” MEG-5”

Goal- 8”x5.5”

Thanks for all the advice! I will try much harder to look at things more positively. I was just explaining how I was feeling.

Armbreaker, I will give your routine a try when I start back January 1. I don’t hang, but I’ll either jelq or pump along with clamping. The girth gains I did gain I think, came from clamping.

Thanks again!

Jimmbob, alright! I’m done bitchin, lol! It’s just my first ever decon, not used to it.

Start 8/15/18-BPEL-6.75” MEG-4.625”

2/17/20-BPEL-7.125” MEG-5”

Goal- 8”x5.5”

Maybe 12 days is fast to lose size, you should have done a routine to cement that size and then start a decon.

I am almost 2 months off PE it was not planned, my flaccid decreased, it used to me 14~15cm nbpel, I do not know today how much; my girth takes time to get to that great inflated state of 15cm EG, maybe 10~15 minutes edging to get to that level of before, but before was much better EQ, size and disposition to get 100% inflated great size. I am a little sick at the moment and that can explain somethings.

started April 2017 BPEL 16,7cm x 13,3cm EG Last measurement BPEL 20 cm x 14,8 cm EG

My progress, thoughts and pictures

Rotated Penis? Unbalanced Ligaments? Lack of Gains through Manual Routine?

Stress kills gains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I will remember that. Good motivation to stay positive.

Start 8/15/18-BPEL-6.75” MEG-4.625”

2/17/20-BPEL-7.125” MEG-5”

Goal- 8”x5.5”

Don’t stress too much about it. Whatever gets lost during decon will come back very fast. Don’t worry about losing progress. I’m doing a short decon myself and i want it to be over too. Not because I’m worried about losing anything but because I’m really bored not doing pe lol. I generally do mostly length for 6 months then take a couple weeks off then do mostly girth for 6 months. Once i come back I’ll be doing mostly length again. If all goes well this will be the last time i work on length.

My reasoning behind this is to give different parts of the penis ample rest time. So once i start working either length or girth I should theoretically gain again.

Also doing things this way has allowed me to gain back everything that might be lost during my decon. I think that’s more due to EQ than anything else though. Doing PE correctly should give you great EQ. Once you stop for a bit your EQ drops slightly even if you don’t notice it.

2011 BPEL 5.65 MSEG 4.125

2021 7 5/8 X 5 3/8

Goal: Just keep on trucking

I like the way the way you do your routines. Makes sense. And you’re probably right, it could be just EQ. Thanks.

Start 8/15/18-BPEL-6.75” MEG-4.625”

2/17/20-BPEL-7.125” MEG-5”

Goal- 8”x5.5”


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