Easy home made Izzo golf weight stretcher!

Before today its been a long time since I posted, but I actually made something for PE and wanted to share. Its super easy and cheap!

I’ve worn this off and on for about a week and its been very comfortable and costs around ten bucks total. I have worn it to work (office building with thousands of people) with no one noticing. I’ve also worn it while doing somewhat active stuff like mowing the lawn and it stays on well.

If you want to try it you need

- Izzo Swing-A-Weight Red Swing Trainers (Google it) 5.99
- Single sided Velcro strip 2.99
- plastic clip
- zip tie
- string
- Ace bandage wrap

All I did is cut the appropriate size of Velcro strip to attach to the white Velcro strip on the weight. Did this so I wouldn’t be scraped or anything by the Velcro. Then I just tied the string around the weight, leaving enough string on each side to string around your underwear. Tied the clip and the zip tie to each end and there you go! Note that I used scissors to round the edges of the weight and the velcro so it won’t jab into you.

Then just wrap up with the ace bandage (if you want- don’t have to), then wrap it around your penis and Velcro it together. Then just loop the string through the hole in the boxers and clip it for safety, so it won’t fall to the ground in a worse case scenario. I wear the weight on top and can feel it stretching through the day. I believe the weight itself is 6 oz. but if you have larger girth you may want to buy two of the weights and just hook them together. I think it will work either way- I just didn’t buy a second weight yet.

I’m going to be a lil upset if someone thought of this first! Besides that let me know what you guys think!

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