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Extreme PE : MK9's Routine


Wow great thread.

Start Nov/17/2016 BPFSL 5.31 BPEL 5.31 NBPEL 5.07 EHG 3.75 EMG 4.48 EBG 4.80

Now Dec/5/2018 BPFSL 8.04 Standing BPEL 7.64 Sitting BPEL 7.92 /6.7-7.2 Standing BP usable for sex /6.8-7.3 Sitting BP usable for sex / standing NBPEL 5.83 sitting NBPEL 6.03 EHG 4.61 EMG 5 EBG 5.12 EHG width 1.51 EMG width 1.66 EBG width 1.55

New Goal BPFSL 8.5 BPEL 8 NBPEL 6 5 EMG 5.5 EBG 5.6 EHG 5

Well, after a long time without getting in Thunder’s forums, I’m happy to see that this thread has had its share of interest. I actually believe in this routine, and results speak by themselves, as I need bigger rings, and the rings that used to fall off while walking are now super tight. I’ve had unbelievable results in glans size as well. The photos on LPSG are 8 years old, I don’t post anymore because I have a skin “defect” on my thigh that makes me recognizable in millions … but I’m happy with the growth since then. No damage at all as I still have morning woods at 60 yrs age. Keep on with girth routines !

Wow, thanks for checking in to update us MK9. Your huge gains are an inspiration to us all. I recently started clamped squeezes for a similar effect as your cock ring routine. I’m still looking for a reliable way to gain girth quickly.

Some details I’m sure many are wondering about your routine:
How long are the workouts and how long do you wear the cockring afterwards?
How wide of a cockring do you use? (not diameter, but i.e. how much length of the shaft does it cover?)
What’s your size now after all these years later? Haha :D

Congrats on gains.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Hi BD, thanks to you ! To answer your questions, my routines can take half an hour, though time flows very fast because I enjoy them. It depends on how early I wake in the morning, privacy, web distractions, etc. Frequency is low - once or twice a week, never more.

Cockrings I use are generic bricoleur items, chromed brass I think, about 0.25” thick, 1.50” and 1.75” inner diameter, worn on cock only. The smaller one is now too tight.

I’m not a measurement freak, length is about 8.5” BP (I’ve lost a bit with girth routines) and most important is to keep slim to limit the fat pad. Max girth is more than a Red Bull can, but less than a slim Coke can. Head circ. is 6.5” maximum, but I’ve seen bigger, so I want to get it to 7”, and I’m currently experimenting some impact exercises.


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