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Extreme PE : MK9's Routine


My extreme girth routine

Caution: this is a very intensive and dangerous routine. It should only be performed by very experienced PE’ers. I’d say you need at least 4-5 years PE experience before attempting this.

First of all you need a proper, metal cockring, the right size for penis-only. Why metal ? Because the most of the effect comes from the fact that you know you can’t escape. Clamps, rubber, plastic, leather are just not the same. Remember that the brain is the biggest sex organ we have, this is forunately true for both sexes. The point is choosing the right size for you. This is a trial and error activity, but you don’t need to spend big money in sex shops, just go to the DIY section of your shopping center. Generally, the right size is when it just stays on when flaccid and you can wear it confortably for hours. I use a 1.5 inch inside diameter and it’s beginning to feel snug. Beginners could need a smaller diameter. At full erection, your penis should be thicker, veiny, a bit darker but not more !
Don’t even TRY with a smaller diameter than what is right for you !!! And leave balls alone !

When you’re ok with the above - eventually, you’ll really love to wear cockrings - start with dry jelqs and squeezes. These are slow intense jelq movements that end one inch behind the head. At that point, with the other hand, squeeze what remains of the shaft just before the head and stay like that for like 3 seconds. This is good for both shaft and head.

Then, with a good semi, do some Sadsak Slinky exercise, bending the penis downwards and sliding the bend along all the shaft. This is fantastic for corpora cavernosa size increase. Then do some bending upwards, which is a bit awkward but it’s good for the corpus spungiosum and the head. Then you can even try some circular movements, each hand grabbing one extremity, if you’re not hard but only semi.

Then, at about 70-80% erection (it’s very easy to stay erect with a ring on) find a suitable solid surface at your penis level - I use my washing machine - and slide your hand palm on the shaft towards the head, with energy (putting some of your weight). At the end, keep the push still for some 15-20 seconds. Repeat for some reps. The head will get bigger than you’ve ever seen it !

Repeat the exercise, this time with slight sideways movements, to enhance corpora cavernosa enlargement - but stay cool, it’s quite easy to come with this movement …

As you see, this is an EXTREME routine and could even give some “donut” just as pumping. This is not harmful and will heal in some hours time, but it means you have to be a bit less intense. DON’T repeat this exercise sooner than after 4-5 days: this is the MOST important point. Enough rest - heal time is crucial.

Take some Arginine and Zinc. They also have other beneficial effecs, mostly on ejaculation volume and energy.

And last but not least, it WORKS, I can assure you. Long term girth goals of 6.5 inches or more are quite realistic !

How much gains you credit this routine for?

Thank you for the thread move, Marinera. It seems that after 11 years I’m in Thunder’s I’m not allowed to start a new thread, sorry if I’ve hijacked your thread for this.

Gains are tremendous: before this routine my penis was able to slid inside a paper towel roll erect (scottex-like). And this was after 9 years PE! Now it’s thicker than a redbull can: at the end of this routine it doesn’t fit in a 7.1” spray can cap.
Half an inch of it (mostly donut effect) slowly goes away after training, I’d say.
Girth gains are really gains you (and your partner) feel, as well as good for looks !

That last exercise is really interesting. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that. If this routine is as effective as you say I’ll definitely be considering it down the road to reach my final girth goals.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

I started the beginning of that routine yesterday. So far so good I’m gonna give myself a couple of days before doing the whole routine. Keep you informed on progress.

Yes, thank you. I’d like to point out that this routine is as good for head size increase as it is for girth.

So I have occasionally done the last part of your routine during edging etc to really increase expansion. Never thought of doing it as part of a routine, might have to give it a try at the end of my routine to really try getting some extra expansion.

Could you maybe re-describe the pushes so I can get a better idea of exactly how you do them?

Imagine using a rolling pin from the base slowly towards the head, but use your hands. Hold the push at the end for a few seconds for each rep.

In doing so, try to push more along the center axis of the penis.

In essence, it’s similar to the “power jelq” exercise, but with a bit more pressure.

Second part of this exercise: same as above but with slight sideways movements, i.e. zigzagging with the push along the shaft.

I assume your using lube?

Originally Posted by bigdick1

I assume your using lube?

No I don’t but I don’t see any point against lube. It helps to take the ring off at the end, too.

So how much girth did you gain using this and how long did it take?

Originally Posted by bigdick1

So how much girth did you gain using this and how long did it take?

Can’t answer exactly, I’d say more than half an inch erect girth, and even more when flaccid. Flaccid girth is impressive now. And head volume increase too.

How long ? One and a half years, more or less.

Originally Posted by MK9

Can’t answer exactly, I’d say more than half an inch erect girth, and even more when flaccid. Flaccid girth is impressive now. And head volume increase too.

How long ? One and a half years, more or less.

Really I don’t care about measuring that much, as long as it feels and looks thicker. I’m more about comparing with objects like paper tubes, cans etc.


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