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Extreme PE : Routine For Girth

I have also been wearing a cock ring at night for like a year now despite it being against the PE Bible. I haven’t noticed much girth gained from it but I have noticed veins on the shaft, the glans and Corpus Spongiosum getting bigger and that was the whole point of the cock ring at night for me.

My name is sarcastic.

Originally Posted by Mick
Ok so I see I’ve replied in this thread earlier but never gave this a shot. I still don’t understand how to do 1) A.

As Walter said above the hanger makes the jelq by moving up the shaft. But imarinera doesn’t mention any jelqing in his description of it… it just seems like hanging from the base?? And if there is jelqing then how is hanging the weight helping? Why not just flaccid jelq by hand?

I am going to do a peel discolouration treatment and then start on this ASAP.

As I understand it you put the hanger on and gravity as well as the gripping force of the hanger make the jelq.

See here:
marinera - Extreme PE : Routine For Girth
“Depending on the weight and shape of your penis, it will slide down more or less. The expansion will be extreme and will be foremostly targeting the TA.”

Hey thanks… not sure how I missed that.

Still missing some info though. How long should a single jelq take? Is it pulling skin with it or sliding over the skin? How is this better than flaccid jelqing manually? I’m sure I could easily apply 30 lbs manually.

Would be very beneficial to see somebody actually doing this. I guess it will just take some experimentation to get it right.

Ok so thinking about it, I assume he means attach the weights at the base, let it slide down, and leave it at the base for an extended period. If so then the whole penis will be compressed at the head and left like that to expand.

This is what I’m gonna try out.

So no one has tried this or is interested? I’m not sure why nobody has given this a go.

I’m trying the stretching now and can’t say I’m getting anything out of it at all.

I took a while off to do discolouration treatment but will give the hang/jelq a shot in the next couple weeks.


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