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Flaccid gains

Flaccid gains

It’s certainly my fault, but my PE results almost exclusively in flaccid gains.
Since I began my FL went from ~2” to something like 4.5/5”. This occurred over a long time, far beyond typical newbie gains.
EL unfortunately remained almost the same, it was 6” and it’s now around 6.5”.

Should I expect flaccid gains to stop, or will they begin someday to bear erect gains too?

Why don’t you ask on the italian forum? :D .

Anyway how much have you been peing?

Started october 2011 :

BPEL 13.5 MSEG 14 BEG 14.5

Today : BPEL 14.3 ,MSEG 14 BEG 14.5

Not used to look in the Italian forum :)

I’ve been PEing on and off for years. Ok, mostly off. I began years ago with the penimaster, which I soon hated; stopped using after two or three months. Then I moved to ADS (monkeybar autoxleeve) plus some jelqing and stretching; every now and then I give it a few months.

(I also do some pumping, but only in the last period)

You probably need to do a routine consistently for way longer than a few months. Just start out light and do your routine every day and set yourself a goal like doing a routine for at least 6 months, maybe you need to change routine as you go, but stay consistent non the less. Consistency is key, can’t really say that enough.

Also, write down everything yo do for each day so you can look back at what worked and what not worked, having a full overview over your activities PE wise can be gold.

I’m with you bud. I have most purely flacid gains. I have been fairly consistent however. I’m trying new stuff. I think it will work, as the intensity is definitely stronger.

I actually have already noticed flaccid gains in the experimental routine I am doing. However I couldn’t care less about flaccid gains unless they are some sort of “indicator” to erect gains or at least an indicator one is doing their exercises correctly.

Unfortunately, I have never found anything more specific than flaccid gains means “something is happening down there”.

FL gains in the early stage of a PE regimen might me mainly caused by increased perfusion of the penile tissue in flaccid state. This doesn’t mean there will be an increase in EL. EL length gain mainly comes from ligament stretching and hypertrophy of erectile tissue.

Initial stats; BPEL 8.5 inch, EL 8.3 Inch, EG 6.4 inch. Goal; EL +1 inch, EG: Not a priority. Equal girth along the shaft.

Progress: 5 weeks: BPEL: 8.8 inch. (+7mm) EL: 8.6 inch (+7mm). SL: 8.9 EG: 6.7 averaged out (+4-8mm. Growth though failing to create equal girth along shaft)

I am somewhat a newbie, and have been doing this over a few months and have erected gains, but however the flaccid length is still about the same.. I wonder how you do the exercise in such a way to have flaccid gains.

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