Sorry to exhume this ancient thread but wanted to see if there were any updated perspectives here. My experiences have taught me that the glans is super important.

Numerous women have told me that I gave them more G-spot orgasms than they have ever had. My penis is on the skinny side at 6.75x4.50 (hope to change this soon!) so I had always chalked it up to skill and a desire to please. Then, a long-term ex-girlfriend once admitted to me that it’s the head of my penis that really gets her off, particularly the very pronounced ridge on the top of my penis. It dawned on me that this is right in the place that would be hitting the G-spot, and everything finally made sense to me.

I really want to keep developing this as much as possible, even at the risk of my dick looking rather lopsided. It also has a slight upward curve which likely is additive to this effect.

When I am doing jelqs I try to slow down towards the end and hold pressure in the glans for a couple extra seconds. Definitely feel great expansion on the upper ridge area.

I have also noticed that this part of my penis feels “tougher” and gets less sore from PE or heavy usage. I wonder if there are ways to isolate this area and give it a harder workout than the rest of the penis could tolerate.