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Girthier at lower erection level



This makes a ton of sense to me. I basically only do girth work. While that has been working quite well for me, I think I am going to add some bundled stretches into the mix and see what happens. I’ll let you guys know.


I have totally noticed a difference in erectile quality when using cialis. Sure my erection is way harder, but it actually seems as tho it gets super hard before it full fills out. I am girthier and longer without the wood drugs. Super bizarre.

I’ve thought about the idea I suggested in the original post, and it would be a convenient explanation as to why some gain midshaft girth from hanging.

Interesting, I’ve always had great difficulties gaining lenght despite manual stretching, 3 months of hanging etch. Together with girth work as clamping/long jelq sessions etc. And have been wondering why my semi-erect was girthier but shorter than my full erect. This was several years ago, and after this long break, I have just started out PE again 1,5 months ago doing manuals (15 min effective basic stretching and 10 min jelqing) and using an extender/TLC tugger. I really feel like I had some good stretches the first few weeks, but my unit already feels less stretchy like it has already conditioned and can’t be stretched much.

Strangely, I gained 0,1-0,2 inch girth the first month but no length, and my girth is still larger semi erect. Would this and your theory suggest that I should then stop manual stretching completely to not condition further, and just do lots of low tension extending (8+ hours/day) + some jelqing? I really want the lenght now, and don’t mind waiting for more girth.

For anyone looking to gain length extending , hanging, and fulcrum stretches are worth looking into.

10 mn of jelqing should be fine for bloodlow and to keep girth gains, if you continue to gain against your desire then you may need to stop for a while.


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