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Hanging and ADS

Hanging and ADS

From my previous discussions with Bib,

ADS are not necessary after a hanging session, or at least he never used them. He believes you create crinellations as you break down your tissue, these crinellations immediatley start to heal, but hanging the following day undoes any/most of the healing that has occured between sessions by tearing open those same crinellations and creating new ones. So ADS are not necessary because most of the healing is undone by your next hanging sessions AND regardless if your penis turtles the tissue that was fatigued is still healing in an elongated state.

You have obviously gained, do you think I should invest in ADS as well. I’ve just started hanging SD and BTC (the LOT theory) I’ve also constructed my RSDT fulcrum and I will be experimenting with a PVC pipe for SO.

I do not want to fatigue and break down my tissue during a session just to have my penis turtle/ return to a normal state and heal. Regardless if only a little healing is permanent, because I will be hanging everyday, I want that healing done in an elongated state.

Do I need ADS for this, or are ADS something used when cementing gains. Lower stress levels to keep tissue elongated but not so much stress as to damage tissue.

I offered to Bib that I could use the Bib Starter as an ADS, just keep it on with say a pound of weight to keep my penis elongated. He said it was not necessary and that in all likelyhood was not a good idea.

ADS main purpose, from what I gathered, is providing a constant stress much like hanging. Fatiguing the tissue much like hanging and keeping the tissue elongated for long periods of time (unlike hanging). Hanging does not keep the tissue elongated, or does it?

What I mean to say is, after my hanging session is over and I take off the Bib is my penis going to continue healing in an elongated state without the Bib until my next session the following day? Or do I still need to provide stress to it between sessions?

What did you do?

Warmest Regards,


My experience validates the advice by Bib, I never used any type or style of ADS or golf weights. It just is not necessary but it seems to have a psychological effect for a lot of people. And the sight of a shriveled penis is somehow unmanageable by some, so they strap on whatever they can to stop nature’s course and the feeling of “smallness.”

When trauma is the byproduct of PE activities the penis will retract as a defense mechanism, also to gain warmth and to begin the healing process. The process weakens suspensory tissue and allows your normal erectile pressure to result in a larger erection, you do not have to apply an ADS to accomplish this elementary tissue change.

Score 1 Bib.

Ok This is what I also believe but alas I could be wrong and if I am I want to correct my mistake immediately and purchase Monty’s ADS.

What are your gains like from hanging Bib. How long have you been hanging LonelySurfer?


Ok ADS are not necessary if one can hang everyday. However, if one has a hectic schedule ADS can be a plateau prevention device, a supplement to hanging in essence in order to continue to delay healing. That is if one can’t make their hanging session that day. If you can it really is not necessary to have ADS.

Considering combining Wantsmore’s stretch/ Golf Ring Fulcrum(s) with hanging everyday. If possible. Just to make sure that the tunica is in fact fatigued!

Starting with SD and BTC,

Then if no gains realized in a few months will move to SO and RSDT and OTS.

Taking before and After photos.


As a medical student I would argue for the use of an ADS. The extracellular matrix which contains the actual tissues we are attempting to elongate not only contain collagen but contain elastic proteins such as elastin. A visual example of this would be if you apply tension to your skin and let go it retains its original conformation. Collagen attempts to protect from stronger stresses applied to tissue while elastin gives it stretchability. A superb visual can be found :
http://www.acce ssexcellence.or … gen_elastin.php

“Each elastin molecule uncoils into a more extended conformation when the fiber is stretched and will recoil spontaneously as soon as the stretching force is relaxed.”

Once tension is removed from the penis via removal of the weights this elastin will retract the tissue on a cellular level retracting the collagen as well. Im a little busy to go into a crazy rant but I want my collagen to heal in as extended state as possible each and every time. Imagine each day you want to stretch a rope you apply a force and extend it slightly. Removal of this tension allows it to retract to close to where it originally started. The rope is then allowed to “heal” at this length. Now imagine we did the same exact thing only this time we kept the rope slightly stretched after removing the weights minimizing the retraction and we allow it to heal in this manner. Now ask yourself do I want my rope to be at this length when I reapply the force the next day:
Or this length:

This is the best poor analogy I could come up with in a short time. Oh well back to studying.

By the way Im looking into montys new AutoXleeve Im wondering how successful this ads is/will be.

I'm not hot I'm cool.

Feb08 start: 7 bpel 5.8 eg. Is this big for a Filipino?

Goal: 8 nbpel 6.3 eg

I’ve been looking at various commercial ADS: X4 Labs, Penimaster, Fastsize , and QuickExtenderPro.

Can anyone chime in on their personal experience with any of these commercial extenders.

I have the x4 labs and the autoextender. I use and like them both. The penimaster and autoextender seems to be the most popular ones among members here.

Hey sambo how is the x4 labs extender? I was thinking about getting the mid level one for $245. I am mostly going for length and need a way to keep constant tension on it for long periods of time. I don’t have much time to PE so I think I will have to multi-task to achieve my goals. Maybe wearing an extender for a few hours a day and girth exercises later in the day? Any problems with it? Does it work for length? Any help would be great.

I think there is a lot of good anecdotal evidence in support of ADS use. Personally I’m a believer. The main thing I wanted to mention though, is that Bib used to hang for as many hours per day as most hangers might get in a week. So I don’t think his experience actually offers evidence against all day stretching.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

It’s hard to get in enough hanging time and with hanging more is better, so almost everyone if they find a stealthy enough ADS can wear one for hours a day. The problem with most ADS is the stealth issue, I have made a very stealthy ADS but I’m still working on comfort issues it’s very hard to get a balance on both comfort and stealth.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I consistently used ADS for six months without a single ounce of gain and only ended up with scars on the end of my dick for all my effort, you guys are dead on with your advice here. No length gains period until I started hanging, and no ADS is necessary unless you just like torturing yourself. I hope the word about this gets out to more newbies so they can avoid all this additional equipment expense, frustration and more likely to damage their dick.

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Goal by 2012 to be 8.5" EL non bone pressed x 6.5" Girth

Started at 5.5" x 4.0 " Now 6.5" x 5.25" Whats working for you?

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