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A hanger provides a safe way to apply a quantifiable force to the penis, stretching the ligaments and the tunica to permanently distort the tissues of the penis. A hanger must provide a method of applying weights that allows: at least limited blood circulation; adequate protection of the nerves in the penis.

With a consistent but constantly tuned regimen, over a period of months, the penis will lengthen. The tunica is particularly resistant to change and hanging has provided a viable method for those for whom manual methods have failed.

Once the hanger is attached and weights are applied, hanging becomes a “hands free” activity and it is possible to continue with sedentary tasks. It does however require long periods of privacy.


Hangers and Other Equipment

To hang successfully, you will need the following:

  • A Hanger
  • Weights
  • Wrapping materials

The hanger can be homemade or purchased but care should be taken to avoid hangers that use a full loop around the penis as these are likely to produce nerve injury. Though there are many possible designs the Bib hanger, the AFB hanger and the Swim-cap hanger are well known.

The weights can be anything with sufficient mass. Dumbell weights are cheap and compact but heavy books, water bottles and rocks or stones are other options. When improvising ensure that you have ascertained the exact weights ahead of use.

Often to effectively use a hanger, a wrap must be applied to the penis to protect it and prevent skin entanglement. The wrap is applied to the shaft of the penis winding down the shaft from an inch behind the glans. Commonly a loose cloth wrap is applied initially, followed by a rubberized wrap - swim-cap or theraband like material.


The Theory of Hanging

Hanging is a method of permanent penis enlargement, stressing the penis to permanently deform it. There is a degree of elasticity to the tissues of the penis, but with regular application of force the elastic limits will be overcome and the deformation will become permanent. The speed with which desired results are obtained will vary from person to person.

The three limiting factors for gains are

  • Skin
  • Ligaments
  • Tunica

Skin will be stretch most easily. Be aware of skin tension and try to avoid stretching more than is necessary to accommodate the inner penis while hanging. It is often a sign an incorrect technique if skin stretching is noticeable after the first two weeks after commencing hanging or recommencing hanging after a break.

The ligaments, connecting the pubic bone to the lower portion of the shaft, will tend to stretch more easily than the tunica and hanging at angles to attack them are likely to produce fast initial gains by exposing the inner penis.

The tunica, tough shaft surrounding the erectile chambers, will take more effort to stretch and both intensity and time are required to produce permanent deformation.

Often it is useful to concentrate activities on the tunica or the ligaments individually, to ‘divide and conquer’. Ascertaining LOT, Loss of Tugback, will inform as to whether there is large ligament growth potential or whether hanging should be concentrated on the tunica.

The application of heat to the penis shaft and pubic bone area will soften the tissues allowing greater extension and greater benefit to be achieved.

When the penis is stretched, the blood vessels will be restricted, reducing flow but not cutting it off completely. It is important to ensure that the glans do not deepen to a blue color or become cold, indicating a loss of blood flow. Penile cells will die in a little over 20 minutes with no blood flow, so avoiding restriction of blood flow and limiting sessions to 20 minutes are extremely important.

Uncircumcised hangers may have experience soreness in the foreskin and this may reduce effective session time. Over time, the skin will condition and be able to resist more stress.


The Process of Hanging

Before hanging for the first time determine LOT and decide on an appropriate hanging angle.

Ensure equipment is set up beforehand. Perform a 5 to 10 minute warm wrap. Uncircumcised hangers should spend extra time applying heat to the foreskin.

Hanging should be attempted only when completely flaccid.

Each time the hanger is attached and weights applied for a period is termed a ‘set’. A hanging session may consist of several sets.

  • [1] Apply wrap
    [2] Attach Hanger
    [3] Add weights and hang
    [4] Remove weights


Wrapping is a very important part of hanging. If the wrap is applied badly it will effect the whole session. It may take some time to learn to wrap effectively. The wrap will tighten when the hanger is attached and weights are applied, sufficient slack is required to allow for this. Uncircumcised men should wrap without retracting the foreskin.

Attaching the Hanger
The hanger should be placed one inch behind the head, on the front edge of the wrap. Further back will simply stretch skin, and further forward will place too much stress on the glans. At high weights, the hanger will often slide forward to rest behind the glans directly or a bunched pad of skin.

The angle of hanger placement on the shaft will apply stress to different areas, and slight changes may give significant improvements in comfort. It is perfectly reasonable for the glans to point outward slightly when the weight is applied.

The hanger should grip the shaft as tightly as possible whilst not cutting blood circulation, and experimentation to find the appropriate level of tightness will be necessary. It is important to note that the the type of hanger, the effectiveness of the wrap, and the general condition of the penis will effect the tightness. Over or under tightening will significantly effect comfort and effectiveness.

To give the hanger more to anchor onto, it may be necessary to leave some blood in the glans, increasing its size slightly. This is an advanced move, which can increase head size over time, but drastically increases the potential for injury.

Adding Weights and Hanging

Initially low weights should be used, starting at 2 pounds and increasing week by week until a maximum is found. The maximum weight will often leave the penis feeling fatigued by the end of a set, though this is not noticeable to all. Over time this weight will increase.

Those who are circumcised will should aim for a 20 minute set. Uncircumcised men may need to halve this time at least initially. At no time should a set exceed 20 minutes.

After a few minutes or less of hanging the hanger may need to be further tightened. Closely monitor, both by looking and by feel, during a set. Be wary of numbness or coldness and terminate the set immediately in either case. This is often caused by an over tight wrap but may also be an indicator that the weight attempted is too great.

Apply heat for the first half of first half of sets. If four 20min sets are done, use heat for the first 10 minutes of the first 2 sets. This is to allow the tissues to cool in the extended state, further use of heat will make the tissues more likely to return to their original size. Do not hot wrap after the hanging sessions.

Advanced Techniques

Efficacy may be improved in a number of ways. Swinging the weights slightly will increase the tension of the stretch and alter the tension of various tissues. During low angle stretches, it is possible to tighten the lower abdominal muscles, increasing the stretch considerably. Kegels at high angles, and reverse kegels at low angles will radically alter the effectiveness of a session. These are often better performed with a 5 second hold and release.

Ending the Set and Continuing

Remove the weights and the hanger off, but not the wrap. Circulation may be regained fully by slapping the penis against the thigh, performing a jelq like movement and massaging the penis. Rest for at least half the hanging time and then continue with a new set.

As more sets are done, fatigue may become noticeable though this does not effect everyone. Fatigue will be felt in the area being stretched, the pelvic bone area for ligaments and the shaft for the tunica, if noticed in the glans more care should be taken to evacuate blood as weights are applied. Eventually fatigue may build to discomfort which should be considered a good sign. Further sets can be completed by reducing the weight by 2 or more pounds. The weight or duration possible without pain may vary day to day. Use as much weight as safety and fatigue will allow. If lower than maximum weights are used there is a chance that the tissues will adapt to the weight by becoming stronger, while the tension may not be great enough to actually cause permanent deformation.

Sets in a Session

Initially a hanging session should last around one hour containing as many sets as applicable. Extending or reducing this time should be a matter of judgment. Sessions can be completed every day without rest days. Multiple daily sessions or extended sessions are quite reasonable, the only limit being when pain or discomfort is felt, and assuming no other injuries are noticed.


Expected Results

Hanging is a length exercise, but girth gains at the base are not uncommon, in fact most hangers will experience these.

Gains should be permanent once cemented. A little shrinkage may happen if no maintenance program is followed. More generally the penis can shrink with age or lack of use, this in fact may bring fast gains for those starting a hanging program, this is often referred to as recovering lost length.

Results should begin to manifest after the maximum weight has been reached and all initial skin stretching is complete. It is possible for gains to take up to 6 months to become measurable where LOT is low but most people should see results within two months. Without consistent work gains may take much more time or simply not occur. Though gains will vary for each individual four inches over a period of years is certainly possible and two inches is not unreasonable.

Gains should be cemented and general penile health improved by using hanging as a part of a rounded PE routine. Jelqing, both normally and behind the scrotum, after a hanging session will help cement gains, improve blood flow - enlarging the veins - and generally improve penile health. Simply continuing to hang and increase length will as a matter of course cement in previous gains.

If the weight used during hanging is significantly lower than the maximum weight that can be used, and gains are occurring, it is sensible to ‘ride the fatigue’. This means continuing to hang at this lower weight, as the penile tissues have been weakened and primed for growth. Consistent, regular hanging should theoretically produce gains indefinitely until targets are achieved.


Potential For Injury

Hanging is generally safe because stresses are known. With manual stretching and jelqing, the force applied has to be judged by feel.

Injury from hanging could occur from poor circulation when hanging or slippage of the hanger, either or which can lead to loss of sensitivity, bruises, stretch marks, scarring and discoloration. Serious injury can occur the penis is not completely flaccid behind the hanger.

Care should be taken with the weights also, if attached to the hanger in a precarious manner they may fall and cause injury to the feet.

Injury can be avoided by taking immense care with wrapping and the use of a suitable hanger. Experience will build over time and most potential for injury will be caught if vigilant.

Never purchase or improvise a hanger which creates a loop or noose around the glans. Nerve damage caused by this kind of device will take months or years to recover from if recovery is possible.


Purchasing Advice

There are several hangers available to buy, and certain factors should be considered before purchasing:

Build quality - The hanger should be able to handle high amounts of weight easily, it should be remembered that if the hanger was to fail (break) during hanging, injury could result. A hanger that is well built will also allow for more use.

Area of pressure - Hangers that use a loop behind the head of the penis should be avoided, as these will place stress on the delicate nerves in this area.

Circulation - A good device will allow some circulation, even when tight. If a hanger cuts the blood flow completely, it will result in a greater potential for injury and cell death.

If price is a factor, hangers can be built at home using materials available from most hardware shops.

Many devices on the market are not hangers as such, but rather ‘stretcher’ devices, also known as ADS ( All Day Stretch). They are used to place a small amount of stress to the penis for an extended period of time (1-8 hours). A hanger will place a higher amount of stress for a shorter period (10-20 minutes)


Awesome Jelq!! So much information all in 1 post. Mucho appreciado!! JD

I can’t post a thread in the hangers forum, probably cause I’m new here. So I’ll try by replying to this thread/post, as it seems pertinent to my question. I just purchased a Bib Hanger and have been testing around with it for the past few days, trying to find the right tightness,positioning, etc. I have figured out how to wrap with the theraband after extensive testing/trying, so now I have tried to “hang”. I have heard about hanging until your penis feels fatigued, and they say approximately 20 minutes would suffice. However, my penis feels pretty damn fatigued after just 10 minutes. Why could this be? There is no “real” pain, other than a tolerable burning sensation-alot less now since theraband applied correctly. But my little guy(Bigger guy in future hopefully) is crying out to me to have the contraption removed after about 10 minutes. I try to leg it out for longer, keeping my mind on other things like typing or playing on the computer. But I can’t ignore my dick’s cries for rest after awhile. Again, there is “NO” pain, just major fatigue(which can be interpreted as a sort of pain after awhile). Is it because there may be too much weight? When I use just a little bit, it doesn’t feel like my penis is stretching at all.

Originally Posted by Yssupgnitaeevol

However, my penis feels pretty damn fatigued after just 10 minutes. Why could this be?

You need to lower the wieght then, in my opinion. I started out at 5 lbs.

5lbs is what I felt fatigued at. So I lowered it to 2 1/2 now. What are you at right now,weight wise? And how much have you gained in how much time?if you don’t mind me asking.

Ok, I finally figured out how to use the theraband wrap :-) . When I apply the wrap and then the hanger, my dick feels fine. Now when I put on the 2 1/2 lb weight, there is no fatigue.a nice little stretchy feeling in fact. However, I do feel a little bit of a burning this normal?. I read on here that there might be a little bit of burning sensation, but you shouldn’t have too much. How much is too much burning? I have tried many different tightness adjustments, and still the burning sensation is there when weights are applied. It is bearable,but just. So I continue hanging for approximately 15-20 minutes. I take the hanger off, warm down with rice sock, and then re-apply 2 1/2 lb weight. This time,however, the 2 1/2 lb weight feels like nothing on me-no stretching sensation at all and no burning. So I applied another 2 1/2 lbs making it a 5 lb weight. The burning sensation is there again. I do this for about another 10-15 minutes and then warm down and stop. So should I keep up this regiment, and then after a couple weeks, apply more weight when feeling of fatigue dissipates?

I am sure you have a wrapping or tightening problem, as a 2.5 pound weight could be worn up to 12 hours as an all day stretch (ADS).

Check the following:

1 - the hanger is too loose and you are taking your weight on your skin only (PAIN)
2 - the hanger is too tight and you have no circulation going on (PAIN AFTER 5/10 MINUTES)

try this:

apply as usual your hanger and weight but set it really tight and try for five minutes: if it is much better, it means you were too lose: try the right level of tightening remembering you were too loose before.

try the reverse (very loose) and see if it betters, than it means you were too tight.


Good luck!

Perseverance wins

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