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Everyone's Hanging Gains

Everyone's Hanging Gains

Just to condense some of the stats in the hanging forum here, I was wondering if people could put down their gains made while hanging. Add in other stats as you feel (eg, gains made manually, etc)

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4.5 inches length.

1.5 inches base girth.



3 months hanging BTC


Hard to say what part of my gains are due uniquely to hanging, but my gains are 3.5cm in total - I suppose 2.5 cm are from hanging.


As Rolo,

Zilch after a full year. I believe this may be due to not hanging to and beyond fatigue. After reading the LOT theory and not fully uinderstand it, I assumed I had loose ligs however a closer examination of BIB’s explation of pullback I believe my LOT is appoximately 11:00 waich should imply BTC hanging should produce results. I am disappointed at the wasted time but not hanging. and certainly not the BIB which is beyond belief(fabulous design, BIB) I apparently need to hang somewhat higher weights to get in fatigue sooner.


1” strictly hanging BTC

Some girth at the base but I did not measure before starting and therefore cannot post a number.

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Surfer and Rolo, let me ask you both a question. Did you have PE gains prior to hanging?

The reason I asked is I had gains and then the gains stopped prior to my trying hanging. I did so for 3 months with no gains. I have since started again and am hanging much more effectively and for longer periods of time. In the one month I have started back my FSLBP has increase slightly by 1/8-1/4”. No definite ELBP gains but it may be a little bigger… I am delaying posting definite gains until I have gained at least 1/4”.

I have a theory that the quick early gains are due to maximizing the existing tissue and further gains must be from actual stretching and hyperplasia or hypertrophy of the tissues. This is a slower process and would require a very disciplined routine to force.

Please give us a bit of each of your PE histories.


no gains period. My question to you all is this;

assume you have some flacid gain, which we presume is concrete, that is after a period of time without PE the gain is still here, how does the blood know to fill up more of your penis?

I know it sounds stupid, but what determines the amount of blood fow that the penis can hold, (I would say the the size of the chambers??), but assuming that is the case, how does the penis know to let more in…???



what you are saying doesn’t quite make much sense. It is a slow process…..very slow. It takes months, etc.

You don’t wake up one day with an extra 2 inches of dick. Everything is getting stretched and lengthed at the same time, including vessels, etc. That’s why it is living tissue. What you are saying implies that the tissue is not alive, and then some how becomes alive by receiving blood or something…

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>I know it sounds stupid, but what determines the amount of blood fow that the penis can hold, (I would say the the size of the chambers??), but assuming that is the case, how does the penis know to let more in…???<

The tunica surrounds the spongy erectile tissue. This will expand when blood is let into it, but stop expanding when the tunica has reached your erect size. The blood flow of an erection is not enough to stretch the tunica, or we would all have 9” girths. You need to increase the blood flow/pressure to/in the penis to expand the tunica laterally, or use stretching methods to lengthen the tunica longitudinally.

To realise gains, you need to increase the blood flow leading to the penis. If you increase the size of the tunica, it will take more blood to fill it, if the blood flow is not increased there will be no gains. Some people will have super circulation to the penis already, and they will have some blood flow in ‘reserve’ so to speak. This can be done by jelqing, BTB jelqing and other girth moves, performed in a limited way during length routines (eg, 15 mins 2 on 1 off or similar) Kegels and stopping smoking may also help, but probably only if the blood flow is particularly poor to begin with.


1/2” increase in erect length about 1 year ago. 1/8” flaccid stretched length increase this past week and a half. No new erect gains yet but, it’s been less than two weeks that I’ve been back into it full force.

SS4jelq & bbs

in other words blood stops rushing in because the size of the tunica or chambers are full because of their limited capacity?

Can anyone point to any literature on how erections occur?


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