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Am I hanging right?

Am I hanging right?

Been thinking abit lately about my hanging to-date with the BIB
I have recently (1 week ago) moved more towards a complete BTC hang and this has widen my narrow knowledge about hanging.

I read sometimes that people think they are hanging correctly and later discover they are not and this has prompted me to ask for advice, do you guys think I’m hanging correctly?

Right now I think I have got to stage where I’m ready to go forward, but there is always a doubt, so here are my latest experiences to date with the BIB

Firstly my LOT is 8.30, I lose LOT feeling at 9.00 and site at 8.30.

I started Bib hanging using SD standing technique only but am now a fan of BTC while seating. I feel I’m almost at complete BTC positioning and I guess I’m going through a transition stage.

When I’m hanging BTC now there is no pain fall skin burn however there is still some skin stretch taking place mainly in pubic area but not enough to stop my from hanging in this position.

My penis seems to divide my ball bag in half and it feels like a sausage that is covered in skin is being really stretched particularly in the immediate region of the base.

I do what I have read is called a skin pinch test. While hangin SD while standing I have no skin stretch. I pull my skin between hanger and base and progressively over the last month i can pull the skin further away from my body. Now this to me indicates that the skin is being adj. and the result would mean more effective tension is being placed on the inner penis and retaining structures.

Now when I go to BTC directly from here with the same weight on and some hanger postioning, setting etc the same skin pinch test done in the same area reviles that the skin now TIGHTER. then SD.

This tightness of skin is getting less and less with each session so therefore I’m thinking that I must be getting closers to better BTC postion.

Basically what I’m asking is if others have had experiences like this when starting out?
My greatest concern up to now has been “Am I doing this right?” Only once up-till now have I expereinced what I thought was Fatigue and that was with SD. I had to drop the wiehgt done to continue and I was convinced that I had discovered truly what hanging was about. But last night for instance while hanging ofcourse BTC I also had to drop the weight down torwards the end of the session. Off with 0.5kg (1pd) and I was again comfortable.

I however feel right now a little soreness down twards the intersection of the base and abs. I drive my fingers in and can feel what I would call the inner penis and it feels like it has been strained somehow. Nothing painfall through only like its abit inflammed or it has been worked.

It doesn’t feel like it is in the abs are or that the pulling tension I get while hanging goes all the way up into the abs area like other hace reported.

I reckon I’m alittle confused of late. I’m thinking that if I am achieving the following objestives and while hanging I can feel tension on my inner shaft and inner penis inside the body that I must be getting somewhere:
1. My skin burn feelings are nolonger existant.
2. My skin must be stretching more, and more hence the better skin pinch test results.
3. My BIB hanger setting is the most comfortable it has ever been (2- 3weeks total)
4. I never seem to be getting a blood filled head anymore, manly due to my squeezing after wrapping and while tightening the hanger.
5. I’m getting progressively longer sessions in.
6. My flacid hang looks and feels longer than PreBib hangin.
7. When I started hangin there was no way that I could even think about BTC now its becoming a reality for me.

My weight used now is 3.5kgs (7pds) and I started at 3kg. I have posted before that I have used a vacugrip and I feel this got me alittle confused about bib application but would it be true to say that if the Bib hanger is not slipping on my skin and that I can feel the inner penis under tension then I’m on my way to the nest steps.
I have mentioned to my mentor previously that my finishing weight with the grip was double where I am now and perhaps that is a BIG reason why I have not completely felt Fatigue. There is just no way that I can hang 7kg BTC or SD with the BIB right now. I’d be too uncomfortable. I now this from my 1.5 months of BIBing to date.
I hope this makes some sort of sense to those who read it and are further down the track then I am at the moment.


Each tidbit of information or factoid seems to be dead on to me. You have effectively written a compilation of the events of a newbie hanger that is doing things correctly.

You say your skin is still somewhat tight in the BTC position. As long as you are familiar with skin stretch, you should move the hanger a little more toward the base for a time, while hanging BTC, and get a little added skin stretch. Then, after a bit, move the hanger back down toward the head and you will begin to stress the inner structures without the skin taking any stress in the BTC position. Divide and conquer.

>Basically what I’m asking is if others have had experiences like this when starting out? <

It sounds dead solid perfect.


I understand. A little towards the base for a while. I just grew alittle more from your respone. Thankyou


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