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Homebrew BIB (mine)

Homebrew BIB (mine)

Last nite I finished up my homebrewed BIB. After trying the swimcap, ruler AFB. and the flexi PVC bib knockoff’s this thing works GREAT! Took me about an hour to make, and maybe $5-$6 at Home Depot.I’m still working on the tapered rollers for the PJ.

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"If you build it, they will come".

Another pic, hope these show up. Doe’s it take a while before the moderator posts the pic’s?

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"If you build it, they will come".

Last one. I hope this help’s the people that are experimenting or having trouble getting an original BIB. From what I’ve read, BIB has moved on to other pursuit’s and is only making BIB’s occasionally. They do appear to be the best.

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

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"If you build it, they will come".

looks good….let us know on how you go with it…higher weights etc.


wat is it

Are you starting with pvc conduit clamps or what?

what section of home depot are we shopping in?

I think kids in high school shop class may switch from making bongs to making bib type devices.

way to go


1 1/4 sch40 pvc elect. conduit
rivets/rivets gun
1/4" nylon rope
"s" hooks
8-32 all thread
8-32 wingnuts
8-32 acorn nuts
good quality silicone
heat gun (hair dryer won’t get hot enough)
die grinder with rotary bit or dremel with grinding tip

conduit is found in the electrical section
all other material is on the hardware aisle


hacksaw lengthwise 1 time ( length can be determined, either BIB or BIB starter-the pictures are on this board, do a search. I found them.)

mark midway on tubing for heating and bending-(if you put your hacksaw line at 12:00, your marks would go at 3:00 and 9:00)

now heat conduit to make it soft enough to work with-roll the conduit back and clamp into a vise until it cools. This may take couple of shots to make it good and flat. Once you have the two pieces that are mirror images of each other, trace out the body. I looked at BIB’s original’s hangers and copyed his shape. After you get one side done, trace the shape onto the other piece and grind it up to match. Making sure of NO sharp edges. Rivet your hanger rope from the inside out, drill holes for the allthread. Thread in the allthread, making sure there is enough thread to get the device onto your dick in the open state. Put 4 fairly thick beads of silicone on the inside, make sure one of the beads covers up the rivet on each side. Let the silicone dry a good 24 hr. and VIOLA’. I just spent about 3 hr. hanging and laying out in the sun. Using a straight pull, off the end of a chase lounge. It worked really good, by far better than any of the other homemade hangers I had used.Hope this helps, sorry BIB- I would have bought one of your’s but, I like doing my own shit. I would have made my own PJ, but I found out to late about the jar lifter idea. Oh well. Happy PE ing to all.

"If you build it, they will come".


“And Home Depot may just put in a “PE Device” section. I should see if the want to sponsor a forum here, we could call it Aisle 9 or something like that. I won’t hold my breath though.”

Can you see them having one of those Saturday workshop’s-you know the one’s for the DIY’s (do it yourselfers).

” This Saturday at Home Depot we will be teaching all that are interested-How to make your own PE device. All you need to bring is an optimistic attitude and your Dick. And did we mention that all these materials can be purchased at your PE freindly Home Depot.” LOL :)

Hell NASCAR has a car sponsored by Viagra, maybe we’ll have a driver step forward and tell the public the key to his sucess is hanging a couple of hours before he race’s. Or while he races!!!!!!
LOL :)

"If you build it, they will come".


That thing is great. Congrats. Aside from the original Bibhanger, I’ve never seen anything that looked so good. I actually don’t even want to use my Lil’ Buster tonight for my session.

Man, thanks SO much! I now know how I will be spending my off-day next Tuesday.

Might I suggest slotting the top for the bolt to be a pop-off for release pressure?

Yeah…that is excellent! Now I’m not sore on missing out on a bib your’s is brilliant! Thanks for sharing

Not your fault, but it’s a bitch for tools. I’ll be heading to my father’s place while he’s outta town!

maybe I could help

If there are a few of you that want to hang with a BIB knockoff, and don’t have the resources. Maybe I could help, by making some of these. I don’t even know what BIB gets for his, but if anybody is interested-private mail me. I haven’t made a BIB starter yet, but it wouldn’t be a problem. I don’t want to step on anyones toes, either. But from my understanding, BIB is only making a limited amount occasionally. I don’t need any legal hassles either (copyright infringement). Just thought maybe I could help out.

It’s not that hard to build one, but I know some would just as soon buy one and get started hanging. As to, going to the Depot and fumbling around with the fabrication end of it.

"If you build it, they will come".


Great job. Of course I don’t care if someone makes their own Bib. I put the original and modified Bib instructions on the forum.

How is the comfort on your knockoff? How many lbs have you hung, etc.

>But from my understanding, BIB is only making a limited amount occasionally. I don’t need any legal hassles either (copyright infringement). Just thought maybe I could help out. <

No, the problem would be patent infringement. Don’t worry about making any. I have a couple of employees hanging around the house for the summer that are going to make some. Should not be too long before they get started.



Thanks for the compliment.

“How is the comfort on your knockoff? How many lbs have you hung, etc.”

As with yours, as long as the wrap / compression and angle of the dangle are right, little if any discomfort is felt. Like I said I had tried all of the other AFB alternative’s. I’m assuming AFB mean’s: alternative for BIB. Any way, they all seemed a little cumbersome and none too comfortable. They seemed to put the pull in the wrong spot. The copy I made of your’s really gives a good hang and I can feel it stretch the whole dick-with very little pressure on the glans. I do have to hand it to you, you are the Yoda for hanging. I’m a newbie (relatively -2 wk.) and I’m up to 7 lb. for at least a couple of hr. daily. I was 6.5 BPEL when I started, so I’m working on adding an 1” for length. And PJ’ing moderately for some girth.Not too aggressively at this point, I don’t want to risk injuries/setbacks. Hoping for some flacid gains as well. Will the hanging give me the flacid gain I seek? I’m (the wife too) really liking the way my buddy feels lately. I will probably ugrade to a stronger strap instead of the nylon rope soon.

Even though I don’t own one of yours, Kudo’s on a awesome device.

You actually have a patent on the BIB? That took some ball’s (no pun intended) to apply for a patent on a dick hanging device. I’m always tinkering around and fabricating different shit for different things. How does the patent process work?

"If you build it, they will come".

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