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Having a LOT of trouble hanging comfortably. Any advice?


Having a LOT of trouble hanging comfortably. Any advice?

I’ve been experimenting with PE since about Jan 1 2002. At first I just jelged and kegeled. Then I ordered a power jelg and a Bib starter. I didn’t like the power jelg very much. I was reading up on PE and the common idea is to go for length before girth. Also that the best way to get length is through hanging. I pretty much cut out jelking except every once in a while and began to hang as best I could.

I was hanging 3 days on 2 days off. I was using light wieght (2.5, 5lbs). I did 2 sets of 20 mins with a hot rice sock before, in between and at the end of the session. My problem has always been with head (glans) pressure, temperature, and color. I have tried every kind of wrap I can read about. Theraband, cotton and theraband, sweatshirt and theraband, just cotton, just sweatshirt material etc. I have placed the wrap in just about every position I have read about. Over the head, 1 inch behind the head, as far behind the head as possible. I have also attached the hanger in as many different ways as possible. I am also aware of the tightness of each (the wrap and the hanger) and have tried different things. I have been doing this on and of for about 3 mnths.

Every time I hang, my glans gets cold, and dark. I’ve read someone describe their glans looking like an acorn during hanging. I’ve experienced this too. I really want to hang some decent wieght but I don’t want to hurt myself and I’m scared about cutting off the circulation for any amount of time and hurting the nerves around the glans area. I am also warry of discoloration which i seem to get at the bottom of the glans below the urethra.

Do those of you that hang have this problem? Or does the glans stay warm, soft and pink while hanging? I’m really getting frustrated and I am about to give up hanging and just jelg. Would a homemade Bib work better? Any advice would be greatly appreciatted.


If someone else’s ideal isn’t working for you, back off.

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Welcome to the board, I hear your frustrated for sure. The fact that your gland becomes cold and dark seems to indicate that your hanging with too much blood in the gland and you maybe limiting the circulation as well .

Do you squeeze the blood out of the gland before tightening the hanger?

Do you feel any discomfort during the hanging process and if so describe the feeling if you don’t mind.

For the most part my hanging is comfortable and the head color and temperature is consistant with my normal state maybe a little more robust at times. When the temperature cools or the pressure is to great it’s time to take a break .

I’ll say this hanging, is an awkward adventure; awkward because I don’t have time to hang enough to realize the gains that I want and the adventure is in trying to make my dick bigger as the PE “movement” advances.

Do this for yourself and keep trying until you feel you have given it your best shot. This is your first post and the guys on this and other forums are a wealth of information and very willing to share what has worked and not worked for them.

Keep asking questions and good luck to you .


I see that was your first post. Welcome to the board (for posting). I am sure there will be others who chime in on your case, so don’t let frustration overwhelm you.

My Glans gets dark too

Welcome to the board, SOLID MAN.

Good sensible questions.

You don’t want to do yourself a damage (You make me think that….. maybe I’ve been a bit trusting that “all would be OK” myself……)

If I don’t squeeze the blood out during the attachment at tightening phase, especially I have the troubles you refer to , but it still does get dark and cold while hanging.

I have had (minor) weeping of blood at times from the end of my dick but not now for months since I asked Bib about it and improved my technique.

I’d be interested to hear HONESTLY from others if getting dark and cold is not a common thing that most guys have but don’t worry about.

My dick always responds back instantly, and I make sure that no feeling has been lost by touching the glans every few minutes — to make sure it hasn’t gone numb— during hanging. It never has, and if it did I’d be stopping immediately.


Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

Every hanging day is different

Sometimes (rarely) I just have a glan full of blood and no problem, other days it aches and I stop. When it isn’t (normally) it usaully goes a little darker and coldISH, but I always make sure it retains its feeling and doesn’t go COLD.

A couple of weeks back I was comfortably hanging 15lbs and went up to 20. The last few days I’m starting at ten and dropping down to five - not even trying 15lbs as it gives discomfort. As Tom said, Why hang 30 if you only need to hang at 3?


Well, I haven’t hung for quite a while and the only hanging I did was with the Bib standard. My glans always got dark and cool toward the end of a session with heavier weights (15-20 lb). Often, I hung w/blood in the head and it did not bother me, nor did it enlarge the head of my dick. No matter, I wasn’t trying to enlarge the head it was just a bit easier to position and set hanger that way. I found that warming p and getting an erection after a set was the most effective (by far) method of restoring circulation as well as dealing with any swell or “skin indentation”. I never understood how anyone could not “cool down” with their dick in a hanger as the stretch/tension itself is going to impede some of the circulation in that area of the body. My dick always got colder than that when swimming outdoors early in the season, much colder when walking long distances in the winter due to car failure or assholes towing my car for their own profit. My cock never fell off in any case (I wished theirs would’ve). I think the “cold and dark” thing is a nasty if taken to the extreme w/o a recirc/rejuvenation approach, but for the short amounts of time this occurs when hanging, no big deal relative to other cold genital events. When speaking of hanging, the “cold and dark” disclaimer need be mentioned due to the nature of some folks who will not recognize that situation as being POTENTIALLY dangerous taken to a LONG TERM extent. I will say that at lighter weights and good wrapping, the head can stay almost warm and pink through-out. AFB type hangers might be a little different due to the smaller contact area and what looks to be a bit less tendency to “torque” toward the dorsal area. Might not pinch-off the CS. That’s just speculation, I have not tried this type of hanger yet. If the chilly knob is a huge issue with you, try an AFB and leave a good amount of space for the CS, that’s the one that is feeding the head. Hell, technically the head IS part of the CS. Give it a shot, good luck. groa

One more thing to consider is to not using the theraband material or don’t make this your first wrap. I understand that this helps elongate the penis while hanging however if you are securely attching the hanger to the “internal structure” of the penis then this effect maybe negligible.

As far as comfort I find it is more comfortable to use the cloth against the skin followed by theraband, then depending on how heavy I want to hang another wrap. I still feel the stretch but the comfort level is much better and the cirulation issue ( cold dark head) is not a factor.

I don’t want to recreate the wheel here, however give it a try for yourself and see what you think. Use a little baby powder on your skin to help keep the wrap from sliding. Make the theraband strips wider as well .

r.e. Darkening and chilling of the glans

I have been hanging for about 3 weeks using the AFB2. I have had my glans discolor and get cold every time. I hang 15 pounds for 20 min. sessions. After each session, I massage and lightly jelk and the rosy hue returns almost instantly. It is not uncomfortable nor did it concern me. I agree with P9 in that you should touch you glans during the hang to make sure that you still have sensation.

Good luck to you!


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

thanks for the advice

First of I would like to thank everyone for their extremely quick replies. I appreciate your advice and I’m glad I’m not the only one who has experienced this.

to tom_hubbard in response to:

“How about you practice accepting your dick and yourself exactly as they are? Acknowledge what your body is telling you? Accept yourself….

If someone else’s ideal isn’t working for you, back off.

Yeah, I CAN hang 30 pounds, but I *don’t* because I think it’s stupid.

What are you trying to do Because Someone Else Said It that doesn’t personally make sense to you?”

I would just like to say that I have a great deal of respect for you and your contributions to PE, PE forums, and your advice to us all. I am relatively happy with myself and my dick. I (like the majority of people here) would just like to have a bigger dick. Isn’t that why you yourself started PE? I’m not trying to do whatever everyone else does. It’s just that through reading as many post as I have on this forum, it seems that it’s most effective to go for length first and the most effective way to gain length is to hang. That’s why I choose to hang and that’s why I’m still trying to do it safely and comfortably with very little weight. I don’t think I’ll ever try 30lbs but I would like to be able to hang 10lbs comfortably once I’ve gotten all I can out of lighter weights.

My color and warmth return quickly after removing the hanger and I monitor numbness, temperature and hardness by touching the glans while hanging. I have losened the hanger and pushed the blood out of the glans and resumed hanging before also. I do not feel pain while hanging nor afterward. Most times the hanger will “ride up” towards the head and I will stop and rewrap and attach. I couldn’t see how I could avoid the darkening and coolness of the head so I’m glad to hear others have experienced this. I know we are not doctors here, but, for those more experienced than me, do you think it is safe to hang with moderate pressure, darkening, and coolness? As long as it is monitored closely that is.

Thanks again everyone.


Hi Solid:

I really can’t add a whole lot here - most of the guys who’ve responded have been doing this far longer than I. I’ve only been PEing since April 3 and hanging with a Bib Starter for about 5 weeks. I started hanging with 2 lbs. 10 mins am and 10 pm. I did not wrap since most feel you don’t need to if your hanging 10 or less lbs. Because my shaft is so short, I did have a problem with the hanger slipping past the corona - which isn’t good. I also never adjusted the hanger to different positions.

So Bib scolded me and said to keep making adjustments with the hanger and try wrapping. Also, to place the hanger at diferent places on my dick - well, friend, with a 1.5 ” shaft flaccid, there ain’t a whole lot of places on my dick to put it. I’ve now moved up to 3 lbs., 20 mins. am and 20 pm. Yes, it does get cold and purple sometimes, so I ease up on the tightness and squeeze the head. I also use the cotton-type wrap against the head and then follow with Thera., since the rubber does cut into my corona if I’m not careful. I’ve also tried BTC, but, man, that is brutal. It astounds me that some guys do this with 20 - 25 lbs. This is something you obviously work up to.

Long way around to say - and I’ve learned this from the “Guys on Thunder” - listen to what you’re dick and brain are saying to each other (not to be confused with your brain is IN yor dick). Last nite I tried some BTC - but my dick was screaming for me to stop - so I did. Yes, we all want bigger dicks, but ending up in the ER is more than I’m willing to risk. I used to feel guilty if I missed a day of PE - I do 6 out of 7 days - but if I feel I’ve done a heavier than normal session, and I’m really sore, to hell with it, I’m gonna take 3 days off and screw the guilt (I used to be Catholic).

It sounds as tho you’re trying all kinds of things, Solid, but keep on experimenting until something works for you (and then share it with us), but don’t ignore what your dick is telling your brain in your quest for a larger penis.



This is a really good thread with some quality answers.

The thing with color and temp is a little complicated. As always, you have to go with what you feel is right.

First, a dark color is generally a sign of blood under pressure, not a lack of circulation. A lack of circulation generally would be a blue color.

However, when you stretch, you are also stretching the blood vessels which tends to constrict and limit blood flow. You are not going to have NORMAL blood flow while hanging, if the stress is beyond the marginal stretch. Therefore, I always recommend no more than twenty minute sets before returning full circulation. A tourniquet (sp) should not be used for more than 17 minutes.

Also, as you progress with any kind of PE, done correctly, you will find a much stronger unit, which resists the stresses and will have better blood flow. IOW, you can always apply enough stress to limit blood flow, but as time goes on and your penis becomes stronger, it will be able to adapt, have greater circulation, etc.

For example, if you move up to ten pounds for a while, and then drop back down to five, you probably will notice a much better color and temperature at five than you experienced before.

The other guys are correct about checking for numbness and excessive coolness. But you generally can expect to have a darker head while hanging.



Since you’re out of the BIB business can you tell me where we can find Thera.? I have a friend overseas who would like to use it for traction wrapping after pumping. I’ve noticed some guys use stuff like ace bandages instead - might be a good alternative.

Thank you, Glenn

thanks Bib

From all of your replies I have decided to continue to work on hanging and just keep it slow (and light!). It seems that the vast majority of hangers have varying degrees of darkness, coolness, and pressure in the glans while hanging. I am going to monitor myself during hanging and if at anytime I’m not happy with the condition of my unit I will stop and break or rewrapp. This is pretty much what I have been doing but I was getting worried that I was the only one experiencing these difficulties and was risking injury. (I understand that doing PE itself is risking injury and accept that risk).

As far as a routine, I am going to try to do 5 days on 2 days off. Rice sock before, during, and after sessions. 5lbs BTC (sitting in chair) for 2 sets of 15mins (down from 20mins). I can do this farely comfortably and I think the risk of injury is minimal. I will listen to my body and I will break in between days or sessions as needed until I become completely comfortable (with hanging and it’s sensations). Then, if needed I will go up in wieght. I am going to stick to this schedule as best I can but, honestly, I have been very sporadic in my PE routines and don’t know if this will be any different.

I have seen some gains since Jan 1 2002. My starting stats were 5.5 inches EBPL and 4.5 inches girth. My current stats are 6.25 EBPL and 4.75 girth (nearly). These stats may be off a little because I don’t think I pressed as hard on my starting stats as I do now. I began pressing harder so that they would be more accurate measurements. Could be up to .25 extra in length due to pressing harder (not sure). I’m also 22, white, 5’4, 155lbs, and fit. If there is anyone of similar stats I would like to hear from you about your progress.

How much coralation is there between height and penis size? It would be interesting to see some members height to size ratio. Beginning stats and how well they progress would be of interest also.


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Uncomfortable Hanging


In your response to Solid’s query you referred to “internal structure”. I’ve seen this referred to before , I believe by Bigger. I’ve been hanging about 2 1/2 months and have felt that I was doing it correctly. however I’m not sure. I’ve stretched a lot of skin but otherewise I see no appreciable increase in length. This isn’t too disturbing to me however I’m not sure I’m “grabbing” the internal structures. When I attach the BIB Starter the front portion is perhaps 2 inches behind the glans when the penis is stretched out. I tighten the hanger pretty tight , I then attach weights and the front end of the hanger slides down the penis ‘til it’s about 1/2 inch behind the glans. I can hang comfortably 10 pounds , up to 15 pounds BTC. The latter is close to max. The thing is I’m not absolutely sure I’m grabbing the “internal structure”. I understand that this is necessary for ligament stretch. After several days of doing this for perhaps 1 1/2 hrs a day then, what feels like mildly sore ligaments at the upper junction of the penis and pubic area is present. A day of rest make this sore feeling go away. My question is does this sound like I’m correctly grabbing the “internal structure”.

Thanks, anyone. Your experience and advice is truly appreciated.


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