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ADS hanging question

ADS hanging question

I was thinking of turning my Captain’s Wench into a ADS.. I read somebody cut theirs in half.. That seems like a good idea. But.. I was wondering it shouldn’t be as tight as if you we’re hanging right? And I was thinking.. Lets say I hang one day.. Do a few sets.. Should I do traction wrapping right afterwards.. For a hour.. And do I wait 10 min after the last hanging set.. And leave it on for a hour or so.. Or do I just do ADS the next day or later on the same day. Trying to incorporate a light weight stretch to keep those microtears open .. After I do the higher weight hanging.

Btw, anyone know how long a microtear takes to heal?. I don’t want to hang. And have my microtears heal closed .. Then I’m really hanging for nothing.. It seems

You only need to get the Wench ADS tight enough to provide you with a mild tug on your ligs/tunica. This should allow for good circulation. But stay in touch with color and sensation. Be aware of these things until you get a feel for how it works.

Traction Wrap: I personally think this is the most under-utilized PE technique. I immediately traction wrap after hanging. I also use it on days off. I can effortlessly go more than 8 hours wrapped at a full stretch.

I agree that you should keep those tears open in an effort to heal while extended. Not doing this overlooks a good opportunity for growth. I have seen my best gains when I religiously traction wrap and, like you stated, feel I’m wasting my time unless I do.

Do ads as much as possible you can’t really over do it. I’ve not really done a lot of traction wrapping but it sounds good. It’s low impact too so go for as much time as you can. Now my ads wench is about 1 inch by a foot so basically it’s just a wench cut in half. I squeeze blood into the head as I attach the wench so it has a Uli effect. As a rule of thumb I go by, if I can pump blood into the head with the wench on then it’s not too tight. You should also be able to piss with it on. I just use a small piece of sock for wrap. Too much wrap or too tight will cause numbness check your dick often. And DO NOT WEAR THIS WHILE YOU SLEEP!

Good luck.

I’m a newby what i traction wrapping?

I was thinking of hanging heavily. And then getting some golf weights and putting those on. For maybe a hour afterward. To keep the microtears open as they heal.. I don’t understand what traction wrapping is.. Lets say I hang for 3 sets.. Then I wait 10 min. And rewrap without attaching a hanger?. How does that work, I don’t understand.

Hey, I was wondering a few more things. Sometimes when I hang, the wrapping material goes over the head around halfway point up top.. And sometimes I get a redish outline on where the wrap ended at. Is that normal?. It usually goes away, but does that mean I should stop hanging or can I continue for a little longer, this happened after 15 min. I’m hanging at 7lbs.

Also I was wondering.. Traction wrapping is just stretching out your penis while it’s flaccid. And then wrapping tight but not too tight so that you can’t pee. Is that right? I’ve been trying that, but is it normal for the head of your penis to feel a little cool.. After 20 min or so.. I can still pee, but was just curious.

Originally Posted by Supremeone
I was thinking of hanging heavily. And then getting some golf weights and putting those on. For maybe a hour afterward. To keep the microtears open as they heal..

I think you’ve got the right idea here but I would suggest that you look at continuing the golf weights for a much longer period of time if possible. The healing rate of the ligs is really quite long and a one hour duration after a heavy hanging session might not be very effective. Better to hang for a couple of days with golf weights until your next heavy hanging session then keep up the routine for as long as you can. I’ve found very good gains this way. The ligs take up to 100 hours to heal completely but we usually will stick another heavy hanging session in there. The idea is to keep the ligs straight all the time and not let them digress into a turtle effect and heal up short. Consider this article

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