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Heating while clamping?


Heating while clamping?

Hi Guys,

It’s been a while, but I wanted to get on here for a sec and ask if anyone has tried clamping WHILE applying heat, via a rice sock or IR lamp (or whatever those heat lamp things are called)? I would think this would be very beneficial.

To which I would also like to add that dipping my penis in water or taking a shower, doesn’t get my dick even close to being as hot and floppy (so to speak) as a rice sock does. However, I would love to get one of those IR lamps if I knew where to look, maybe I’ll use the search feature (again) when I get home today. Probably wouldn’t be a good idea to come to this forum while at work ;) haha.

Either way, not having to leave my room to get a heat source would be great. I live in a house with my land lords and three other people, no one’s asked about the rice sock yet, but it’s kind of weird right?

You will notice quicker gains if you use a IR lamp in all your exercises. It doesn’t matter if you clamp, stretch, jelq, or pump-keep your unit nice and warm. You will be amazed.

Heating while clamping is the same as heating while hanging, I think. The heat will worm the collagen tissues in the penis, and make it easier to expand them. So, based on the same principle used for hanging, you can use heat with half of your clamping sets, and the rest sets without heating. This allow the tissues to cool down in extended state.

My knee-reflex answer would be “Not.” - don’t know why, just feels not good to me. I’d say cooling when clamping is a better idea.

well i would love to get an IR lamp then, so that I can keep heat constant throughout the workout instead of, “intense heat up, and then it slowly cool a little while after stretching while i’m jelqing”. You know?

Was that about my grammar? Haha. Too bad because I had even typed “ya know?”, at the end and went back and changed it, thinking I was doing a good job of self-checking.

At any rate, it’s probably not recommend to put Ifrared bulbs into regular lamps is it?

Wow. That is great stuff. I need to be sure I know what I’m getting into.

Where can I get this IR lamp?

Conquering my goals.

When I read the title of this thread, the first thing that popped into my head: Clamping with IR light, skin disaster!

Now I’m not saying the IR lamp in conjunction with clamping is necessarily the cause of that particular injury, but it’s enough to put me off considering both as a combination. As clamping is such a high pressure, intense exercise, I’d suggest not complicating things during each session. Perhaps use an IR lamp to warm up/warm down, just not during.

Again, this is just my opinion having seen dangleman’s thread.

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

After reading the process of how an IR lamp can “heat oneself up”, and can cause overheating and even possible damage inside of your dick, I decided that it would probably be bad to be keeping that blood in there and just letting it get hotter and hotter.

I agree with you drilla, IR lamps are great, but you definitely need to be letting the body do it’s circulatoy thing while using one.

Thanks for all the input guys!


I use my IR lamp while clamping to keep it warm, I would say about a good 2 feet away from my unit. I just started clamping 6 weeks ago so I can’t really say if it will lead to any problems. If I don’t use it, my glans get cold fast. I will continue using it and if any problems come about I will be sure to post a warning.

If you’re afraid of the heat produced be the IR lamp, just use a rice sock. It’ll assure your penis is worm, without risking getting too hot or injured.

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