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How Many Ways To Grow Smooth Muscle?

How Many Ways To Grow Smooth Muscle?

I’ve been reading studies that smooth muscle in the male penis decreases as we age. It’s safe to say that it decreases due to the lack of erections.

Would normal PE without erections be able to keep or even grow the smooth muscle that we currently have? Basic exercises like jelqing and pumping perhaps?

I know edging can help smooth muscle growth along with other PE exercises, but I have been trying to avoid edging since that gives me a headache.

Have you got links to these studies?

Muscle as a whole tends to decrease as we age. The older we are the more protein we require because we use it less effectively.

Resistance training helps retain muscle generally, so it would make sense that some forms of PE would help penile smooth muscle. However the function of smooth muscle during an erection is to relax, not tense.

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Yeah i wouldn’t mind reading the study too. I’ve only ever seen the penis described as an “organ” with no mention of muscle. Though, despite my screen name, I’m not actually a doctor so take what i have to say there with a grain of salt.

Following this, 47 here. best shape of my life and biggest dick. I have had some serious health issues in the past, diet based. I’m now keto and fast. Both will help build muscle. If you eat keto push protein. I eat 200 250 grams of protein a day maybe more and I’m only #160. Fasting will increase HGH something like 10 fold. Hormonal I think you want to be of the alpha male mentality. Work out hard with heavy weights. I prefer cock rings and jelqing.

Over the years I have talked to some of senior “members” haha pun intended…. One of the most helpful things to have is a willing partner. If your goal is to increase erections wear some cock rings and snuggle your partners ass all night. Trust me by the morning you will both be like WTF LOL.

To some extent some of it’s mental. When I realised the hottest milf on the block checked out my crotch, smiled and started twirling her hair every time I come over in tight shorts well then I use that mentally :)

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