Is the plateau chondroid metaplasia?

Chondrocytes are the cell type that produce cartilage (dense hypoxic connective tissue).

In Peyronie’s disease other cell lines like osteoblasts are identified, probably because they’re easy to identifiy and sometimes are producing bone (ossification) in the penis.

In erection dysfunction, an aberrant cell line appears sometimes, adipocytes (fat cells), which probably causes microenvironment changes that convert androgen sensitive smooth muscle cells to some other variety (even within a cell type, you see subtypes that vary in their behavior and express different receptors, probably due to microenvironmental cues, but they look the same under a microscope without some sort of fluorescent tag binding to particular receptors to mark them).

In a murine study (rodents), androgen implants (slow release capsules) resulted in the appearance of chondrocytes in the penis.

This makes me wonder, is it possible that the histological examinations have been missing or mistaking chondrocytes? Or do chondrocytes appear in the penis of men that have plateaued in their penis enlargement routine?

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