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Isn't look more important then size?(to a point)

I hope not. I’m crooked (20 degrees) to the left, and I have some slight bruising on the leftside of the shaft (somewhat blocked by it being on the underside). My size is 8.375 X 5.625. I hope in my case size can overtake an ugly cock.

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There ugly tits like ugly cocks I’m sure. Just like ugly skin tone and ugly energy.

You know what I’m saying. I’m sure the cock as a tool more than does the job. But aestatic appeal of it should increase
The ‘hotness’ factor, just like tits and asses on females.

If a female has a nice shaped a$$, but it’s scarred up, bad skin patches and a chunk missing. It’s a nice shape, has the right size
But when you look at it..

But in the dark, it feels great..

But that would be for females to answer. I’m pretty confident that it will be hotter if the said unit, connects to a well toned and well developed midsection, with a good skin tone and energy.

Their mouth probably water like ours does for a beautiful set of cans, perfectly placed, great skin and energy. Or a nicely shaped vagina with perfect hair patch or none on the right physique for YOU.

I dunno, but I can suppose, it might affect the visual ‘hotness’

Well, iamaru had said it all that I wanted to.

The most commonly used adjective I’ve heard on the look of my cock is “beautiful”. There were other adjectives, too. A few them said, “yummy”.

Actually I’ve never bothered about the look of my cock. Just for fun and curiosity, I asked a woman the mystery of beauty of a cock.

She answered according to her preference: size, big glans, big balls, big big veins. Ah well, in other words, a package with everything big would be good looking to her eyes. I asked her what about a big penis an with average or small head? She answered, “It would look nice but not gorgeous and beautiful.”

Size and proportionality are more important that look. If one has them right, the look is a consequence.

From my experience I found that most women are visual. It’s understandable that the look of a nice penis should give them arousal, but how would balls be interesting to them and even their size? The reason would be, they don’t have them.

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I can see your point on this. I was with a girl that had said another guy’s was big, but weird looking and she didn’t like sucking it as much. Maybe just to boost my ego, but sex hurt her even with my dick so I don’t think there was a reason to lie about that. I’ve seen pussies where they don’t look great, big meat curtains, brown lips, whatever. I’ve also seen pussies that just make me melt and go to town.

I’m sure each girl has an idea of what a good looking dick is, and we all know visual stimuli is a very real part of sex. I want to keep the color and proportions of my dick too (wary of clamping for the coloring reason) so I can understand you not wanting to lose that arousal she gets by looking at your cock.

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Chicks care far less about how your dick looks than they do about what kind of shoes it’s wearing.

The right shoe says a lot about a dick.

I care about how my dick looks, like every other part, just because I’m a fairly vain person.

I’m a vain person with a veiny cock haha

To thecrow,

why don’t you put a nice pic of your dick so that others may also see what looks are you really talking about?and are the looks really that important?

KINGPOLE is a legend.don’t you see his approach that everybody is unique and a dick whic is proposed to be ugly dirty black veiny in one girl’s opinion might be turning some other girl on!!!

I suppose it is like anything else. Asnoman cites “size” and “proportionality”. Probably “symmetry” should be added to that list. Think about the women you find “beautiful” — they have all of those attributes. A size you like, excellent proportions, and a lot of symmetry between the left and right sides of their bodies/faces.

On the other hand, like rock900 says, kingpole is right. There are some women that like curved penises quite a bit - not symmetrical nor proportional.

Variations in those standards can be quite exciting - there are women I find beautiful who I don’t find SEXY. There are many women who don’t fit the standards who I find VERY SEXY.

I asked her what made it a “perfect cock” and this is what she said:

Nice big head, very thick, perfect length, nice upward curve, great bell head shape, nice color(no discoloration), straight(no left or right curve), big tight balls, and I have foreskin but not too much. I am uncut but most girls think that I’m cut so that was an attractive quality for her. So i get all the sensation of having an uncut dick and sort of the look of being cut which she likes(this is all her words not mine).

So I guess size does play into a role of what girls consider an attractive dick(my head, girth, and balls were a big part of the attractive quality) at least with my girl.

> So i get all the sensation of having an uncut dick and sort of the look of being cut which she likes

I partly miss this one. I’m uncut too, and I seem to be cut too; it’s not so uncommon, some 5% of all men should be like this - as the foreskin didn’t grow as much as the penis, leaving the tip uncovered. So, we have a longer foreskin than cut men, but not so long as uncut.

Anyway, in my case (and as far as I’ve read, for all this 5% of men) the effect is the same of cut, meaning that I do NOT have ‘all the sensation of having an uncut dick’. The exposed tip, usually covered by the foreskin, desensibilized in time, just like for cut men I think.

Maybe you meant something different?

Crow it sounds grumpy a bit.I m not saying that you are telling a lie.But it seems as if you are presenting your own fantasy.

But we do’nt have any other choice but to believe you.

So guys those were the perfect looks according to thecrow or his gf or whatever.

What you people think your gf would think in a perfect dick?

Originally Posted by rock900
What you people think your gf would think in a perfect dick?

Well, he said ‘nice’, ‘perfect’, ‘big’, ‘thick’. We all agree on these.
The point IMO is that everyone here will give these words different meanings.
What’s ‘perfect length’ for him or his gf won’t be perfect for many others here.

If he’s convinced he’s perfect, fine with him.

Originally Posted by thecrow19

I jerked off in front of her a few days ago and she said she never was more turned on seeing me play with my “beautiful”(her opinion not mine :) ) cock. She took me into the room and proceeded to fuck my brains out. As soon as she woke up in the morning she masturbated to thinking about me playing with it. She said she NEVER was like that over anyones cock before. She said she never ever was turned on by going down on a guy before but she goes crazy looking up at my cock. Pulling away just to look at it.

I just hope you realise how special she is. No need for you to over-train at least!

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