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Lot of stress and poor sleep, no morning wood ease up on PE ?

Lot of stress and poor sleep, no morning wood ease up on PE ?

Hi all as per thread title, I have a shit load of negative stuff going on at the moment, and I am sleeping terribly. As a result my sex drive is almost non existant (I can just tell it’s that) and my morning wood has gone from what it is usually. My EQ on the rare occasions I’ve been aroused lately hasnt been too bad, not the worse but not great either. I can’t tell wether it’s stress and PE related or just stress.

Should I ease off completely or just a very light routine until everythings calmed back down?


EDIT: Just to add, my routine for the last few days has been very light, literally just stretches, around 7-10 mins twice a day.

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How much sleep are you getting man? And why are you not allowing yourself to sleep enough?
Too much caffeine?

You might want to try 1-2g melotonin and a day to yourself, maybe even a month.

i’m sure it’s stress. stress does terrible things to the body, it can literally make you ill. now don’t go and get on anti-depressants or anything, lol, those are just as bad. i’m sure you have a close guy friend, talk about it… trust me, it helps a ton. every guy should have at least 1 very good friend you can talk to about anything. you should talk about what’s eating at you… don’t feel gay about it lol, it’s very healthy.

What’s your plan with dealing with your stressors? How long will it take to sort out the negative stuff?

But still, don’t let the good stuff like PE slide too much.

Hope everything goes well for you.:)

Titan dont go putting down antidepressants if the guy truly needs them. I’m talking about for chemical inbalances not situational problems.

Sounds like this is just absituational problem to me.

i’m not putting them down, there is a place for them. but he said he has a lot of negative stuff going on, that’s not a situation that needs prescription drugs. i said that because far too often someone’s first reaction when things are going badly is to get drugs to help… and that’s not the proper way to deal with things.

i wasn’t attacking the melatonin suggestion either, melotonin is perfectly fine to help you sleep.

Thanks guys much appreciated. Relationship split, loss of job best friend moving away all in space of a month lol.

Take me about the same to sort out. Many thanks will do a light routine tommorow and cut down on the coffee.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

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