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Mechanizd helicopter "stretches" using centrifugal force

Mechanizd helicopter "stretches" using centrifugal force

while i was doing helicopter shakes after my session and was thinking about the most optimal way to stretch the penis for a long period of time without cutting off blood circulation or hands cramping, it hit me:


depending on how fast you spin your cock, the centrifugal force (which elongates or “stretches” it) will be different: the faster you spin, the bigger the force.
you know how when you jelq even at 0% EQ, blood bunches up at the upper part of the shaft and it engorges? this weight will be a multiplier to the centrifugal force!

using such a spinner-device, you would not have any attachment issues which come with hanging & extending (vac or not). obviously extending follows a different strategy (high duration, low stress), but you could technically replaced hanging (low duration, high stress) with it? most certainly manual stretches, where you are never really sure if you are just stretching skin or the internal organ…

i would need a nifty contraption for it to work though. i thought about this:
a metal ring (with a circumference +0.25” bigger than my max girth, for safety, obviously) which i pull over my penis, place 3 straps (or bands) equally distanced around the ring (so at 120° degrees) and somehow attach the end of each strap to little motors that pull and push.. if all the 3 motors are timed perfectly, the motion of the ring will be circular! that would require some microcontroller programming, but nothing too challenging!

what do you guys think about this idea? too whack?

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The only thing that could do is cause damage. Good luck if you try.

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