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My Elist Implant Experience

Oh I have; indeed I have.By the way have you ever had surgery? I mean did you just call up some doc and discuss it over the phone and then go get cut? No medical history, no exam, no surgical clearance from your primary doctor; no written instructions regarding pre and post surgical issues. Is that how it’s done? Kind of like a store; just pick a surgery and go get it done no questions asked. Is that how medicine works?

If you are told not to get your dick wet and to only use neosporin between unwrapping and rewrapping, what do you think your skin would look like?
I followed my directions to a T and kept Elist informed on a daily basis. He assured me that there was never any issue and everything looked perfect.
He said that the clear geometric pattern I could see protruding through my skin was nothing more than fat and collagen.
Sure, blame me, though. If you feel so confident in this, go ahead and lay your dick on the line.
Regarding travel, they asked my travel arrangements upon booking the appointment with Elist. So if there was any concern, there was clear opportunity to inform me.

By the way, you really should brush up on your reading comprehension. My karma is A-OK.

You clearly have an agenda to prop up Elist and I am sick that you are using my experience to do so. Speaking of karma…

Unless you come back with first hand experience from the implant, I am done with you.
If do go through with the implant, rest assured that I will be here to help you out when things go horribly wrong.
Until then, have a good life.

This was a harrowing read, thank you so much for sharing the experience so openly to inform others!

You think maybe Jamshid needs a car payment or something?

From the looks of things, may have been mentioned, the sheath was too long. Longer than your penis would allow for stretching. I feel that this would happen no matter what if the sheath was too long. Your penis is constantly trying to retract internally against the sheath, which caused the glans to beging to have it’s rim pushed forward and curve.
Damn, that sucks man.
I wonder if it would be best to op for a very small amount of length, and just get benefits from girth. Then after 2 years get a longer implant. Hell, I never would.
It seems that maybe if they did not do a length increase, only girth, that may work better.
I am guessing they measure penis fully stretched, and maybe add some to that measurement for sheath measurement.
I would think anything over 1/4 longer than natural full stretch, would cause to much constant pressure on sheath, pushing against glans, as in this case.

Good thing they make penis sleeves I guess. Some girls don’t care if you use them if you say it’s an improved condom lol.

Thinking Of Removal

I had the implant surgery over a year ago. So far so good, however, I have been having doubts about the long term effects and thinking about getting it removed. Couple questions (apologize if they already been answered in the thread).

1) how long does it take for the flacid length to return?

2) how long does it for the errect length to return?

3) how much of the errect length permanently disappears?

4) what did you do for recovery?

5) should I get it removed although I have not had any issues with the implant?

Thank you for posting this. I am sure it is hard to discuss this difficult time in your life and to add pictures of the whole ordeal but it is greatly appreciated it. I was strongly considering having this procedure done, I had flights booked and was in the process of making arrangements to have everything done but before I signed on the dotted line, I decided to do a little more digging and that is when I came across this post. Honestly it scared my shittless. I am so sorry you went through what you went through but it is incredibly brave of you to tell your story just that you can maybe help out another person. And you definitely did. You saved me from a possibly terrible and painful situation. So again thank you!

Legal compensation

What a harrowing experience. I hope by now you have initiated a suit against this joker and claim huge damages for physical and mental damages.



Is slicing and cutting the penis worth it?


I am so sorry to hear of your ordeal, it is clear the Doctor did a very bad job and your left scared and damaged physically, mentally and financially. I am grateful you shared and I hope no matter how desperate an guy may feel, surgery is not the answer.

Take care and keep PEing.

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I hope you are doing well!

Over at Phallobaords we have tonnes of similar stories…including my own.

The carnage continues pretty much unabated….almost ten years on.

In the words of Dickens though-“Truth lives”.

This guy will never give up advertising.Why doesn’t he go back to Iran and practice. I’m sure he’ll do just fine there.

Originally Posted by Jimmybob55
This guy will never give up advertising.Why doesn’t he go back to Iran and practice. I’m sure he’ll do just fine there.

Not sure I agree with the “go back to your country” mentality or resolution. So that he can butcher dicks there too? What needs to be done is to hold him accountable, here, Iran, or Timbuktu.

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