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My new girth strategy, what do you think?

My new girth strategy, what do you think?

Hey everyone, I have been successful with length gains over my 8 years of PE and really came to be confident in hanging where I knew if I just put the effort in I could gain length, and I got to where I am happy with length and will not add any more unless my future wife can take more length, I am already bottoming out with a length that fluctuates (depending on my recent PE habits) from 7.5”-8.0”bp length and I started at around 5.5” length 8 years ago.

Now over these years, while I may have gained base girth right at the base, I don’t really find it highly beneficial since it is so low on my shaft, I seemed to have gained no permanent girth mid-shaft.
I have gotten measurements I thought was solid up to 5 1/4”ms in past years but I have realized this must have been from temporary swelling and not really gains.
During periods in the last year I have followed girth routines consistently of clamping, jelqing, and pumping, where I spent much time per day in my bathroom, and after a number of months I did not record any gain and it made me lose motivation from having nothing to show for a lot of time spent PEing.

Today I have measured my Mid-shaft girth at 4 7/8”, and that is where it seems to stay when it is normal and not swollen from PE. My girth is not pleasing to the women I have sex with, and it is also not pleasing to me because I don’t feel anything other than a feeling of not being able to fill their vagina enough, so my goal is 5.5”MS.

Hanging is an extremely effective method and really puts stress on the tissues, though I do not feel clamping, pumping, and jelqing was giving me the exact same level of stress for girth and I thought on how I could do the same strong pressure to expand myself and hopefully gain 5/8” and have a better sex life. So far I realize the strongest stretch I get comes from getting a 100% erection and kegeling to maximize the size and then clamping the base with my left hand, then I take my right hand and I clamp just below my glans and squeeze with both hands to force my shaft to expand under high pressure, and this technique really gives me a feeling of a stretch.

I decided I would do that every day, through out the day, whenever I had the time, and this would be the new base of my girth routine and I feel it is the closest thing to hanging I have done yet.
Please tell me what you guys think about this, is it a good idea? My penis is conditioned to take a lot of abuse though this routine does scare me a little since I don’t know if I can have a blow out or not. :)
Hopefully you guys can motivate me to carry this out for a few months and see some gains, that is the main hope from me posting about this.

You’ve discovered the Horse440, it’s a good exercise. Though you are probably well conditioned from hanging watch you don’t blow a vein with that one. I always found it best to slide down the base grip with a little pressure to flatten the external veins.

Also, as you have good base girth already try a Sadsak Head Exercise modification. Same way as you start for the horse but use an overhand OK (if you don’t already), then add a second finger to your grip, squeezing just above the first on the shaft. Continue adding fingers. Each time you add a finger the pressure increases.

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I like your thinking bluray. Have you tried decreased consistancy?

This thread is almost 4 months old. Have you had any gains from that exercise bluray?

I’m afraid of doing anything while erect (apart from classical clamping or pumping).

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