New stretching sensation during erection

Recently, about 1 week, I’ve started experiencing a new kind of stretching feeling within the penis when erect.

It’s unlike the normal stretching sensation when pumping or hanging and it is different from what I remember of clamping, jelqing, and manual stretches.

My conceptualization of what’s happening is that it is being stretched from the inside, with certain areas experiencing it more, as if some internal areas are experiencing more growth and stretching other areas.

During the same time period, I’ve noticed veins or arteries becoming prominent enough to feel. They are not in the superficial layer of skin, though I’m uncertain of their depth. It feels different from when the fascia of the penis are stretched and only occurs during erection, so could it be the arteries or veins are experiencing sudden growth?

In summation,

- recent growth

- appearance of new vasculature, or vascular growth

- internal stretching feelings during erection

I think this is probably a good thing. I haven’t pieced together what caused it to occur now. Has anyone noticed something similar? Did it correlate with anything?

I have been doing a girth pumping routine recently in preparation for a tube diameter reduction test.

Starting: 7"bplx5.2" 2017 (shrunk from disuse)(originally 8"bplx4.5", gained to 9"bplx6")

Current: 9.0"bplx6.125" 2020

Goal: 11.5"bplx7" 2021.