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Jelqing & Stretching 101

Jelqing & Stretching 101

While Jelqing may seem like a simple technique, you may find that you’re not comfortable performing it until you have had a couple of weeks of practice.

Things you should know and expect:
* Do not perform any PE exercise without warming up first.
* Unless you’re performing a dry jelq, use lubricant when jelqing. Do not use any kind of soap. Lotion, baby oil, Vaseline, and cocoa butter are all good products that are popular for jelqing.
* A jelq should be performed on a semi erect penis, but not a fully erect penis until you have gained a great deal of experience and you feel that your progress has gotten to the level that an erect jelq is something your penis can withstand. Do not continue with an erect jelqing session if it seems exceedingly strenuous on your penis.
* Making your penis bigger takes time. I cannot express the importance of being patient. Don’t become too eager, you’ll only be disappointed. A bigger penis is worth however long it takes you to get it—you’ve lasted this long with what you have now, what’s another five, six, seven months—another year or two or three?
* You may get red spots or find that you have the Doughnut Effect at the base of your glans. Please see the PE Jargon thread to learn what red dots and the Doughnut Effect are.
* After a nice jelqing session, your penis will probably look thicker and longer than normal. This can be a boost for the ego and encouraging for your PE experience, but realize that this impressive side effect will subside and your penis may actually shrivel, not unlike when you get into a cold pool. It’s perfectly normal and nothing to cause alarm.
* You may find it difficult to jelq without becoming aroused or ejaculating. Practice will help you overcome this common beginner-affliction. In the meantime, you may want to try dry jelqing, described below. One useful way of resisting full erections is to squeeze (don’t hurt yourself) your penis to deter the erection.

A. Jelqing

I. Hand Positioning
There are two common ways of holding the penis while performing a jelq.
1. O Grasp Make an O around the base of your penis with your thumb and index finger.
2. Pincher Grasp Using your thumb and index finger, place the thumb on the bottom of your penis and your index on the top of your penis. Your thumb and index finger should make a line that is, for the most part, horizontal Also, some people prefer to perform this style of grasping with the palm facing the top of the penile shaft. Your thumb and index finger should be pointing down (vertical). Performed this way, your thumb and index should be positioned as if you are reaching for some small item, such as a grape.

**Note: I find that using both hand positions mentioned above are the most effective. Starting with the “pincher” grasp is useful to get blood into your penis so that it is semi erect. Once the penis is thoroughly filled with blood, 50%-80% erect, I switch to the O grasp and continue with my session.

II. Jelqing In Action
After you have your hand positioned and your penis grasped, stroke toward your glans, allowing it to terminate at the glans. Do not proceed beyond the rim of your glans with your stroke.

Now that you have an idea of what a jelq is and how to perform one, you need to learn what a jelqing session actually is. Jelqing requires both hands, unless you only have one, to have maximum results. With the end of each stroke, you begin a new one with the other hand. Alternate each hand as you stroke. You’ll most likely realize that jelqing can be a tiresome activity; however, you’ll also condition your arms to be able to survive long PE sessions. Unless you have a coat of fat over your arms, I suspect you’ll notice an increased muscularity with your arms.

B. Dry Jelq

Dry jelqing can be useful if you find lubricated jelqing to be too annoying or if you can’t train yourself to keep from turning your PE session into a masturbation session.

I. Performing Dry Jelqs
A Dry Jelq is very much the same as a regular jelq; though, you do not allow your fingers to slide over the skin during a dry jelq. When performing a dry jelq, the area of skin that your fingers are making contact with should remain in contact throughout the whole movement. If you become completely erect, you may find that the skin around your penis will be too tight to allow you to perform a dry jelq. Wait until the swelling subsides so that you may continue. If you are an experienced PEer, you may have loosened skin on your penis that will allow you to perform a dry jelq while completely erect. If you opt to do so, listen to your penis. If it feels as though the stress being placed upon your penis is too great or is painful, discontinue.

II. Benefits of Dry Jelqing
Dry jelqing has some added benefits that wet, or regular jelqing does not have. Dry jelqing is cleaner. Also, dry jelqing can be done secretly in places that a regular jelq session cannot take place. For example, you can perform dry jelqs while lying in bed—no need to hide in the bathroom and causing suspicion. It is possible to perform dry jelqs in bed without waking up anyone with you whom you share your bed, I’ve done it many times. You’ll quickly realize that PE takes up a great deal of time; some people like to divide this time up throughout the day. One way would be to utilize the dry jelq in bed.

III. Detriments of Dry Jelqing
It has been my experience that dry jelqing does have one drawback. It seems that dry jelqing is more likely to cause the doughnut effect. Practice makes perfect, and careful jelqing should suffice to keep this from happening.

C. Frequency & Length of Jelq Sessions

200-300 strokes a day at medium strength (strength referring to the tightness of the grip you have on your penis) for the first week.
300-500 strokes a day at medium-full strength for the second week.
500 or more, (as per your personal routine)[/b] strokes a day.

*The number of days per week that you choose to practice PE is up to you, but it is highly recommended that you take at least two days a week off for the first month.


Things to know and expect:
* Manual stretching can cause red dots.
* After several weeks or months of stretching it is likely that lig pops will begin to occur.
* Stretching can be aided by using a powder, such as baby powder; certain types of gloves, such as rubber gloves, or snug fitting golfing gloves; a thing wrapping of some kind of cloth, such as a section cut from a t-shirt or a baby sock with the toe-end cut off. However, stretching can also be performed without any aiding material.
* When stretching, one’s LOT should be considered when deciding at which angle to stretch. (See: Bib’s Lot Theory)
* As with all PE exercises, soreness will most likely be experienced at some point.
* Always pull the skin back from the glans as much as possible, especially if uncircumcised. This will allow the penile tissue to be the main recipient of the stretch, rather than the skin around the penis.
* Given the numerous angles possible with stretching, the tension may be felt in various areas of the penis using various angles.
* It is recommended that all stretching be performed while totally flaccid.

A. Stretching Basics

1. Gripping the penis in a comfortable and efficient way is very important. This may be something that will require practice and variation to find the most suitable gripping method.

* The penis should be grasped at last half an inch behind the glans, preferably an inch, with all loose skin and foreskin pulled back.
* Gripping can be done using an O Grip, Pincher Grip, or squeezing the shaft of the penis using the whole hand.
* Try several different gripping methods, and try using gripping aids, such as baby powder or rubber gloves to find the most efficient way of gripping.
2. Simple Stretching: The penis can be stretched at any given angle; however, one’s LOT should be considered for optimum results. Having the penis grasped securely, pull it away from the body at the desired angle. Pull hard enough to feel a very strong stretch, but do not cause pain. If pain is felt, use less pulling force. Each pull should last at least 30 seconds and no more than 60 seconds. This is to help prevent red spots, and encourage continued blood flow to the glans as the session proceeds.

B. Other Stretching Techniques

Creative men have thought up several ways of enhancing the stretching experience.

Fowfer: A fowfer stretch is accomplished by pulling the penis through the legs and either between the buttocks or under one, and then sitting on the penis. When done properly, an intense and painless stretch should be felt.
Bundles: A bundle stretch is performed by twisting one full turn in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. More experienced PEers may find that doing more than one full turn is comfortably possible, but it is highly recommended that only one twist is used. With the penis twisted, the tissue within the penis becomes tighter, and a more intense stretch is accomplished. It should also be noted that a bundle stretch is primarily a tunica stretch, and does less for the ligs. If one’s LOT is high, a straight down bundle stretch would stretch the tunica and also give a good pull on the ligaments. Bundle stretching can be coupled with V-Stretches. It should also be noted that bundles stretches should be done with both counterclockwise and clockwise twists. That is, a session including bundle stretching should give equal time to the penis being twisted in both directions.
V-Stretch: A V-Stretch is performed by grasping the penis with one hand, and using a finger, thumb, stick, pole, or any smooth stick-like device to press against the penis in a manner that will cause the stretched penis to make a rudimentary V shape. The pressure can be applied on other side, top, or bottom of the penis.

* Stretching is a great supplement to any PE routine. Throughout the day, one can easily sneak a few sturdy pulls on the penis while using the restroom or sneaking a quick break while no one else is around. It is also easily performed while in bed at night.

Beginning PEers should include at least 10-15 minutes of stretching with their PE session. The time dedicated to stretching should increase weekly. Most do not use stretching alone, but many use stretching and jelqing only to increase the size of their penises.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Wow, just what I needed right now.

Thanks alot KOG!

Done very well.

Bravo Kog! A very thorough and well written piece.

Thanks for the excellent, helpful thread, KOG.

Well done, compadre.

Nicely done KOG.

Just to have everything in one place can you list what stretches are best for us poor guys with small to very small flaccid size? Also can stretching be done semi-erect or flaccid only?

Thanks guys. :)


I wouldn’t mess around with any kind of stretching that isn’t done completely flaccid. That’s not to say that your penis needs to be drained of all blood, but then there’s a big difference between a flaccid penis that is having a plump moment and a penis that is becoming firm with an erection.

A short answer to your other question is this: the best stretch is the one that will make your penis grow safely by taking advantage of the specific needs of your penis. Having a very small flaccid penis will cause more problems with manipulating the penis, rather than needing special stretches.

Here’s the long answer:

If you have a very small flaccid size, it might help if you do a few minutes of limp jelqing before you stretch. This will help give you that flaccid-but-plump state that I mentioned above, but you should avoid an erection. However, a good warm-up should help give bring enough blood into your penis to help you manipulate it.

You’ll also want to keep your LOT in mind, and it may also be useful to be mindful of the popular thinking that the closer to the base you grip, the more the stretch is given to the tunica; the closer to the glans, the more the stretch is given to the ligs.

The specific type of stretch that you use should be based on the needs of your penis and with consideration to your LOT, if you subscribe to Bib’s LOT Theory, more so than the actual size of your flaccid penis. Even with a very small flaccid penis, if it needs lig work, give it lig work; if it needs tunica work, give it tunica work. Just like a person with a 4”+ flaccid hang would.

It’s possible that men with very small flaccid penises may have problems with gripping, especially if the shaft is very thin. When I first began PE, my flaccid hang was usually very small. I don’t know the exact measurements, but it seemed to stay around 2” and would go to 3.5” on a better day. Of course, I also had a high frequency of “acorn” moments.

I’ll share some of the problems I encountered, and how I responded:

Because of my small girth, I found that the loose skin would bunch up in the creases of my penis and get pinched. It was common for me to end a PE session with a black or dark line where the skin was pinched.

Solution: I quickly realized the importance of getting all of the loose skin pulled away from the glans. This is something that I had trouble with, being limited to only having two hands at my disposal and all. The way I do this is, I grip the glans of my penis between my pinkie finger and the palm of my hand with the hand that I’m going to use to stretch my penis. With the other hand, I form an O (I think a lot of people here call it an OK) grip, then I pull the skin to my base. After having the skin pulled tight, so that there is no loose skin near the glans, I close the remaining fingers of the hand that is gripping the head around my shaft. At this point I proceed with my stretch.

Another thing you may want to try, if you can stretch your flaccid penis so that your glans is at least half an inch longer than your palm, is to grip the glans with the pinkie and palm of the hand that you are not going to use to stretch, push the skin on the top of the shaft toward the base of the penis using the thumb of that same hand. With the free hand (the one with which you are going to stretch your penis), with your palm open, slide your head along the bottom of the shaft, pushing the skin away from the glans. Once the hand sliding along the bottom of your penis is about .5”-1” from the glans, close as many fingers as you like over your penis. Keep in mind that if you grip this way, you’ll need to make sure that the areas of your penis having the most amount of pressure applied is the sides. For me, when I stretch this way I find that my grip naturally applies most of the pressure on the sides of my penis.

Because of the overall smallness, my grip would slip over the head. This seemed to happen regardless of how tight I tried to grip the penis.

Solution: This was a big problem for me. I began experimenting with things to help me with my grip. I eventually settled with rubber gloves. I found that I could get a much better grip with a much looser squeeze. After I got tired of buying rubber gloves, I bought some of the smallest baby socks I could find. I cut the toe-end off, and slip it over my penis. This is something that was especially helpful when my flaccid hang was constantly very small, because the sock would help hold my penis straight while I pulled the loose skin away from the glans. However, I still had a problem with the sock slipping over the glans if I was stretching very hard. With rubber gloves, this was less of a problem. The way I managed this problem was to kegel and jelq a little blood into the glans. If you do this, it’s something you’ll want to be very careful with. When I say a little blood, I mean very little blood. This way, the glans acts as a barrier of sorts. If you do this, keep your stretches short and watch your glans closely. I don’t get red spots from doing this, but it’s only because I’ve learned to monitor the amount of blood that is in my glans when stretching.

The glans would become crushed and I would get the same black/dark lines from the skin on the glans wrinkling and becoming pinched.

Solution: Getting a small amount of blood in my glans before I stretched seemed to help with this a great deal.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Nicely done, KOG.

Yeah great stuff and well and clearly written, KOG.

I haven’t read “the basics” for years, and it’s marvellous how one forgets some of the important details…..and does things like minimal warm ups, for instance…..

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

KOG, this is an awsome article. I got a lot of clarification from it. Thanks so much. Keep up the good work. Happy gaining dude!

The Plumber Starting @ 6.5x5 bpe 12/20/03 Now 7.0"x5-1/8" bpel 1/20/04 Goal @ 8.5x6.5 bpe

Why do you delve in such complexities

Making the wiener bigger is such a simple and straight forward exercise but to read some of the desertations on this site one would believe they are venturing into the final frontier. I cannot believe the myriad of ways that procedures like jelqing and stretching are ajudicated on this site; gentlemen, just as there is one proven method to blow up a balloon ie put the open end to your mouth and blow, there is only one elementary way to enlarge the wiener.

To gain volume which is the most critical objective requires an engorged penis and then pressure at the ends to create expansion. The pressure must exceed what your normally use to inorder to have cellular breakdown and regeneration to occur——its that simple——-squeeze the pecker! What i disagree with is all the garbage on how you grip it and rip it, what a bunch of wasted words. What i will say is that in my experience and if you want to maintain a statuesque member, you must jelq in a fashion that pleases the eye so if you dont want your head to turn into something from the “outer limits” always jelq going away from the corona and excentuate the ballooning of the head to gain that nice symetrical large helmet.

Length is gained best with a stretch instead of a squeeze, so boys, attach the weight and let it hang. Thats it, why all this hyperbole over something so simple. I dont really know why one would exceed 10lbs in there hanging routine but to each is own. Here again the cells breakdown and lengthen and regenerate.

There is so much clutter and misinformation out there, it must be the ultimate tabu…..son, never play with the wiener and never ever try to make it bigger. I mean you would think on one of your camp physicals the doctor or nurse would take you aside and say, “now i have something to impart to you that will give you great strength and women will light up like a supernova when you go by……yes, we can make it bigger and better than whats currently in your shorts.”

This site is amusing and i would enjoy perusing it on the occasional rainy day but alas, I dont have the time to learn all the acronyms and wonderful linguistics that you can find in just one posting. You should really sell the audio tape to the newbies, I no the language cannot be more difficult than the first year of russian.

OK, schuss, you’ve shared your opinion with us. Take advantage of this free forum to amuse yourself as much as you want. But if you post again, please use the spell checker. English is also a challenging language to master.


Good Job.

I would add, however, the time (as in duration) for each stroke when jelqing. It seems like an important detail

to me.

Also, maybe some “times” for holding a stretch would be a good addition.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

Thanks, KOG, a very good explication


In my opinion it’s better to start with 100 to 150 slow and intensive strokes (a good stroke needs at least 3 seconds) than 300 fast and “easy” ones. And 300 strokes at the beginning is too much in order to have a save training.


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