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Jelqing & Stretching 101

Thanks for all what you do for men in bad situation

A very good explication

Great walk through.I’m completely new to this I have never heard any of this slang or exp. Any routines.but the stretching method sounds best for me.

Only good threads withstand the test of time great job. Very informative.


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Wow, I totally got my first red spots today (yeah, I’m a newbie) and freaked a bit. Low and behold, the first forum discussion I see here is just what I needed! Thanks KOG.

KOG, one suggestion from me.

You mention YOU MUST stretch with the foreskin back. The original PE videos here on thunders show stretching where the foreskin is in-place. For this reason I have only stretched with the foreskin in its normal position.

I have gained and having attempted stretching with the foreskin retracted I find it too painful as I’m very sensitive in this area.

I think it right you reflect the options to stretch with or without the foreskin retracted, the main thing is getting a good stretch.

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Looking for length only.

Apparently, stretching is a ”supplement”. But what if I am only looking for length ? I always believed that JELQUING was more for obtaining GIRTH. Thus, could I just drop JELQUING If I am only looking for length ??

Thank you guys!

Great original post.


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Thanks very much for the clear explanation. I’m one of those who has a VERY short flaccid length, and I will use these stretches as well. Thanks for a great site and for the support!

It’s funny that this was suddenly back on the main screen. I was in the midst of searching jelq technique. Reason is, I was curious if I was doing it wrong. Nope. It sounds like I use and prefer the “pincher” technique vs the “okay”. I may need however to lighten up my grip. Squeezing a bit too hard does not seem to be productive. I will now impliment both types with a slightly lighter grip.

On the first post it says not to jelq using soap, is there any particular reason for this? As I am a newbie and have been jelqing using soap. Thanks

For me personally I used to think that soap was fine to use as well. Except that it burned my pee hole when soap got in there. Not real fun. So now, if in the shower I favor conditioner and it lasts quite a while. Also Johnsons makes a baby oil for the shower product that actually gives good grip traction while still a sufficient lube.

KOG great post that captures all the necessary information concisely. I do have a question and that centres around the semi erect penis when Jelqing some of the more older guys like myself may have problems with ED, then would jelqing with a 20-30% be any good ?


Quite a few people have gained with low erection jelqs, including me. Check out this thread, for instance.

Thanks buddy useful link !




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