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Jelqing & Stretching 101

why is it bad to do it with soap? what about in the shower, ect?

Very well written, concise and to the point. I now intend to follow your outline in jelqing. By the way how do rate power Jelquing, from both the advantage over Hand jelqing, and from the disadvantage point. Thanks Kog

Has anyone ever see or used one of these ??

Guys I found this device a long while back and it seems to work decent. I was hoping to get some insight on theory based on its design. (please copy/paste link below)

the way it works:
you tie the black strap (big) around your leg for tension
the latex (yellow) wraps around your Penis and the skinny black velcro is used to hold the latex on.

it seems to only stay on when you are standing and what i do is put it on in the AM when i walk my dogs. I allow enough slack to where a full stride give me a good pull. I average 3-5 miles (thats a few thousand stretches) a day 4-5 days a week. In addition, i alternate legs as well to keep it pointing staight
at the end of the walk my color is good and my head is warm (no circulation issues) and I get a really good stretch.
Would this go under a stretching catag. or something other ? Has anyone ever seen or used one of these?? I can’t find the guy on the internet that sells these anymore and when i do a search they dont come up.
MY MOST important quest however is;
if i want to try hanging as an option for length also, can i do it standing??? (while doing everday things like working, walking around, etc ?) if so what is recommended? weight time frames per set, equipment, etc etc ?? Is sitting really dramatically more beneficial than standing while hanging??? thanks guys

Hi KOG and guys, I have something to ask you:If you pull on it with the skin up, you will make it longer when erect, and if you pull on it with the skin down you will make it longer when flaccid? May be both are necessary, don’t you think? Maybe if you never strecht the skin the ligs can repare at their usuals lenght? isn’t it?Thanks

disapointed newbie wxcvbn

Originally Posted by KOG

* Unless you’re performing a dry jelq, use lubricant when jelqing. Do not use any kind of soap. Lotion, baby oil, Vaseline, and cocoa butter are all good products that are popular for jelqing.

What is wrong with soap? I jelq in the shower…

Originally Posted by wannabeseven
What is wrong with soap? I jelq in the shower…

Soap is designed to clean, and therefore will contain chemicals that dissolve things like grease and oil, apart from the other 101 things we handle every day. So to use soap on your penis will tend to massage the chemicals into your skin, and remove the natural oils.

Bearing in mind that down there is usually warm and moist it could tend to dissolve the skin leading to dermatitus.

Doing it in the shower will reduce the amount of chemicals because you rinse it away but applying pressure whilst jelqing will cause some chemicals to remain embedded in the skin

Some of the ‘soaps’ used in shower gels are in fact mild detergents, and that would definitely cause problems. Its OK for a quick rub, but prolonged use is not a good idea.


Hmm thanks Petit, I might wander down to The Body Shop and have a look at some natural soaps.

To add to Petit’s comments, soap is also abrasive—even if you don’t notice—not to mention that if you fail to wash it all off, well, one might expect a painful case of leather-ball.

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KOG……Great piece and thanks for writing it. It is always nice to read again how to do PE as reminders either for us old PE members or for the new members. It does take time and some gain faster or sooner than others.

Fowfer, Bundles, and V-Stretch

Can anyone tell me about these types of stretches and how to do it with more detail? Or even pics? I have never heard of these stretches and just want some help (Fowfer, Bundles, and V-Stretch)

Hello, KOG; That is a great thread on Jelqing. I have a problem and the only things I see regarding it seem to be totally hopeless to my condition. Since my Radical Prostatectomy several years ago, I cannot have normal erections. Jelqing according to most posts I see on it says you need to have at least a 75% erection for jelqing to do any good. That makes it beyond my reach. I haven’t jelqed in a long time for that reason. I have been discouraged from doing it. Is there a way I can do it so that it can be an effective element of PE for me?
Any little encouragment and I’ll be back trying it again. Thanks for anything you - or others in the forum - can suggest.


Great post! I definatley feel more confident in my jelquing and stretching techniques.

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Now (10-26-06) BPEL: 7.75 |EG:5" |NBP: 7.05"

This article is fantastic, and it actually puts enough of the information side-by-side so that an even broader picture is gained than in just researching jelqing or just researching stretching, the different types, etc. Awesome, thank you!! - PN

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Thanks really helps.


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