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New To PE

I am super super new to all of this. Do you guys think that Jelqing > Pumping ?

I need a big bro to show me the ways :D hahahaha
For real, if someone is tryna take on an apprentice, lemme know

Jelqing is a good conditioing exercise that is a good way to start. It will help promote blood flow but it’s not an enlargement exercise per se. I started there, then moved to stretching and pumping. Welcome to TP.

IMAGE: Current 6-Inch-plus flaccid | IMAGE: 6 inch girth flaccid head | IMAGE: Ideal flaccid | IMAGE: Fulcrum stretch | IMAGE: 6.5 flaccid hang w/ ADS | IMAGE: Flaccid post-stretch | IMAGE: Hang balls | IMAGE: Big ballsack

Measurements - Flaccid Length (Non-Stretched): 6+ inches | Flaccid Shaft Girth: 5 inches | Flaccid Head Girth: 6 inches | Erect (BPEL) Length: 7-7/8 Inches; Erect Shaft Girth: 5.5 Inches | Erect Head Girth: 6.5 Inches

PE is the gradual process of making the abnormal normal

We’re practically in the same boat man. Tomorrow will be, what I believe, day nine of PE for me (not including rest days). Feel free to check out my thread and try the routine I’m working with. It’s pretty simplistic, but you don’t want to rush it out the gates. I can say Edubrsurf is spot on. Heat! Heat! Heat! Welcome to TP brotha!

The Community Is Solid !

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