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Optimizing PE considering tunica structure

Originally Posted by vkn1
Marinera, why should the penis never be stretched when erect? Just curious why exactly.

Because when erect most part of the pressure is on tunica albuginea:

A Three-Dimensional Model of the Penis for Analysis of Tissue Stresses during Normal and Abnormal Erection
a Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel b Department of Urology, Tel Aviv Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel

Here we developed a three-dimensional model for structural analysis of normal erection as well as erections of a penis with substantial asymmetry of the corporal bodies, and Peyronie's disease. The model was constructed based on anatomical images and included skin, tunica albuginea, corpus cavernosa, and spongiosum. The mechanical behavior of the tunica and skin were assumed to be three-dimensional-orthotropic, and other tissues as well as Peyronie's plaque was taken as linear elastic. Stresses and deformations during erection were analyzed using a commercial finite elements (FE) solver. Erection was simulated by raising blood pressure in the corporal bodies to 100 mmHg. The tunica was found to be the most highly loaded tissue in the erect penis. Peak von Mises stresses in the healthy tunica, tunica of the asymmetric corpora model, and tunica with Peyronie\’s disease were 114 kPa, 167 kPa, and 830 kPa, respectively. The angles of distortion of the penis with respect to the vertical axis were ∼4.5° and ∼2°, for the asymmetric and Peyronie's cases, respectively. The model's ability to determine internal stresses in the erect penis offers a new point of view on the mechanical factors involved with erection, and enables us to relate these data with different penile pathologies.

tunica albuginea model

when the penis is erect, TA is thinner and less elastic; placing additional stress can easily lead to TA injuries:

Penile Rupture
Penile rupture or fracture is a rare injury. It involves a tear in the lining (tunica albuginea) of the corpora cavernosa. It characteristically occurs with trauma to the penis during an erection.

penile rupture

Dicko7X5: “So basically when targeting length, the girth should be kept to a minimum to get some more diagonal slack (long, thin). And when targeting girth the length should be kept to a minimum (short, thick). This would most effectively target the different fibers. And at the same token, stretching erect (not recommending this) would be optimal for targeting the diagonal fibers. All according to this triangle analogy.”

That’s it, glad you understand! Imagining your own ideas in your head and expressing them to others are two very different things! However, I think that although stretching erect would theoretically stretch the diagonal fibres well (as you said), I think that twisting the penis while it’s flaccid would be far better.

Imagine the diagonal fibres as two springs, each opposite to the other (in the direction that they spiral) that are interwoven. Twisting the springs, one of them will go slack/losen, while the other will contract/shorten and become tighter. So twisting the penis one way, will stretch the diagonal fibres going one direction (and will isiolate them, as the other direction diagonal fibres will be slack), and twisting the other way will stretch the other diagonally directioned fibres.

Twisting will produce a force that is almost in line with the diagonal fibres, meaning that they will take the brunt of this force, as apose to only a fraction of it (as with erect stretches would). I think it would be great to first do some flaccid twists, under heat, followed by stretching the parallel and/or horizontal fibres. You be be able to better stretch them, as the diagonal fibres will no longer be so limiting, as they will be stretched from the twists…

I have proposed pretty much exactly that as exercise.

As for erect stretches - I believe in that case, the expanded, loaded, stretched by blood pressure tunica would only transfer stretch right to penis-holding ligaments, probably pulling out inner penis, but not much more than that.

That is actually a very good point Nevod!

As when a body is stressed, the weakest link will take the majority of the force. In the case of an erect penis, as you said, the weakest link would probably be the ligaments (they are strong, but not as strong as an erect 8x6, for those of you with such a beast).

As for the ideal stretching routine, I think that it is long holds (1-2 minutes?) under HEAT!

Some info on stretching can be found in “Loading, Lengthening, Healing”, but it’s a little hard to understand. From what I’ve got from that thread, whe best stretching would be:
1) Either ADS or long, 3-5 minutes, not very strong stretches - if penis in put under stretch for realtively long time, some enzymes are released which make collagen more soft. It seems to be supported by reports of people overcoming girth-gain plateau by adding stretching.
2) Higher load, but not too strong, stretches, yes, with continious heating. Lamp, IR pad, heatpack, I think it’s not the particular method that is important. We can actually use twisted stretches or even Stumpy1’s sock-augmented twisted stretches.
3) Cool down while stretching. The last stretch should use not heat, but ice. Cooldown while stretching ‘locks’ tissues in stretched state.

Before 2) we should incorporate higher intensity twist/bends.

Number “3)” is something I have recently been incorporating into my routine (I am cooling down while in a girth/short-and-fat hold); I feel it works wonders!

I read on thunders that scientists found, that under heated conditions, fibrous collegen tissue stretched 1-2% permanently when put under low force-long duration stretches (long duration being 2 minutes at least I think). I therefore follow this thinking. I will do twists up and down the shaft in both directions, maybe for 1 minute holds (possibly 2 minutes?), and then do my girth routine (I am at 7” NBPEL :) and so am just going for girth now), which consists of holds were my shaft is short and thick, lasting about 2 minutes.

I’ll let you all know how it goes. However, just from doing a few quick 10 second twists, my flaccid seems to be alot bigger! Maybe it’s all in my head, I’m not sure…

I had a thought. Ok, so if my length is limited by my ligs, then stretching my tunica should result in only girth gains correct? I’ve never stretched my tunica though, can anyone here described what it feels like?

I guess I better go back to the basics of LOT theory to see whether it really is my ligs limiting me.

Your penis isn’t attachet to your body only by ligs. LOT theory isn’t exactly a prooven one.

Anyone feel like making a video of twisting or is that unnecessary? Are you just taking the head in one hand and twisting around the centre of the shaft?

Actually I’m doing it now and I feel a huge force, I’m just not sure if this is my skin getting sore from the twisting or my tunica.

I hang a weight from the vacuum hangar. Then I spin the weight, it goes back and forth maybe a couple of times per second. I try to keep this going during the hang session.

Alternatively I can put a single finger on the weight, and go back and forth with it to cause the twist.

I find twisting more than 1/2 the way uncomfortable, so I stay up under that.

Twisting is probably best doing it with control. I do it slowly and twist my cock as far as comfortable while hanging in a chair, twisting one way, then I lie back with my twisted penis and carefully rest my cock between my legs and it stays twisted for five minutes. Then I twist the opposite way and repeat.

I feel mild soreness at different areas of my shaft this way, as opposed to the ligs, and inner penis soreness I feel without the twisting motion.

The last few weeks I have found I hit fatigue faster if I do this every day, and even had to drop two pounds off my regular hanging weight. Put heat into the mix and I think its perfect. I’m not a doctor, but I think twisting also targets the side part of the ligs which seem to be very tough. I can really feel them being pulled hanging this way. The same feeling applies for manual stretch also.

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If you’re circumsized, skin will limit you. I’m not, and even then it sometimes gets painful - at the skin, not surface. Tunica seems to be ok with almost any angle of bend.

Yep, ^, when I twist (flaccid), I grab the glans, so the skin does not twist nearly as much as the inner shaft.

You can twist in two different ways:

1. Simply grab the glans and twist (taking note of where the twist actually occurs, and trying to vary this…)
2. Grabbing the glans. With the other hand grab a few inches down, then twisting with two hands, in oppsoite directions. You can then move the hand gripping the glans down, aswell as the other hand, to stretch a lower part.

I find that the skin sometimes gets uncomfortable with 2), and so would recommend turning the skin in the opposite direction before you start to turn the shaft (i.e.the skin will start off in a twisted state, and when the shaft is maximally twisted, the skin will have just a little twist, as much of the twist was simply undoing the twist in the skin that you made to start with)- if that makes sense?

I’ve described it nearby.
Grab the glans, pull somewhat. With other hand, push as much skin towards glans as you can. Then, squeeze your penis between index and thumb, the fingers should be parallel, so penis between them is thin and wide. Bend sideways, and only then, twist your hands in opposite directions. Try it couple of times, you should get the idea how to grab glans for maximum twist. I twist and bend to left and right, and with vertical and horizontal squeeze. Moving squeeze upshaft isn’t problematic, moving grab downshaft, though, is.

But did not have idea of twisting the skin in opposite direcition. :)

I have tried simple twist, and it’s comfortable for 3 turns each side, with almost whole ballsack on penis.

DLD used to do this twisting stretch and he said he got good gains from it. I think he also even did A and V stretches while in a twisted state. I can imagine this would be a great tunica fatigue exercise.

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